Let’s Hunt in to the Greatest Joseph Quinn movies

Quinn’s accent in Stranger Things makes it difficult to believe he is British. While he may be new to many American audiences, he’s already something of an acting veteran across the pond. Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn, won over audiences with his memorable performance as the dungeon master and heavy metal enthusiast accused of murder. Eddie Quinn, Quinn’s character, died tragically in Stranger Things Season Volume 2 after sacrificing himself to help the members of The Party. However, fans seeking more Eddie Quinn fans will be pleased to know that the actor has also played a guard in Game of Thrones, Mrs.brother Havisham in Dickensian, and Enjolras in Les Miserables. He has always given his best to every role, no matter how big or small.

Who is Joseph Quinn?

Who is Joseph Quinn
Joseph Quinn is a well-known actor. He has appeared on British television, Howards End, and Catherine the Great, among others. He has emerged as a supporter of the BBC series Les Misérables and Strike. In 2022, he made his breakthrough as Eddie Munson in season 4 of Stranger Things. Quinn was born in the English capital of London. From 2007 to 2012, he attended Emanuel, an independent school in South London, where he was awarded a scholarship for their drama scholar program. He then went to drama school at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, where he graduated in 2015. In the BBC One television series Dickensian, he played the lead role of Arthur Havisham.


Quinn makes his onscreen debut as Tim in Episode 1 of Postcode. This CBBC series is about Jamal, a Somalian boy who recently moved to London with his widowed mother and younger brother. Jamal befriends Zac, a boy who lives in a nearby posh house. Although Quinn only has a minor role as Zac’s classmate, it’s interesting to see where he got his start. Quinn, who was only a teenager when he played Tim, still makes similar facial expressions to Eddie, such as sticking his tongue out the side of his mouth. It’s fascinating to see that even in his first role.


This series, a cross-over of all Charles’s novels set in 19th century London, dates back to Quinn’s early career. Quinn plays Amelia Havisham’s brother, Arthur Havisham. Quinn’s Arthur Havisham is a complex character who, while not always sympathetic, is ultimately sympathetic. This is surprising because Arthur is plotting with Meriwether Compeyson to inherit Amelia’s estate. However, Meriweather emotionally and physically abuses him, causing him to become an alcoholic and bankrupt, making him sympathetic rather than loveable. He also has an implied tragic death in which he jumps off a building.

The Hoist:

The Hoist
Quinn appeared in another short film, this time as a supporting character. He portrays Hash, a peculiar man with whom two friends strike a drug deal. Callum Woodhouse, who plays Tristan in the current All Creatures Great and Small series, also appears in the film. Quinn, despite playing a minor role in the film, stands out. He excels at animated facial expressions and unusual touches. In one memorable scene, Quinn as Hash performs an odd little skipping run with his umbrella following the drug deal. Quinn’s role in this is similar to his onscreen role in that he doesn’t say much but still gives his all.

C.B. Strike:

C.B. Strike
Quinn portrays Billy Knight, a troubled but good-hearted young man who witnessed a murder as a child, in the C.B. Strike episode “Lethal White.” C.B. Strike is based on J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels. Quinn’s Billy Knight has a troubled past but hidden depths, similar to Eddie Munson and Jamie in Kin. Billy Knight wants to do the right thing in this case by reporting the murder. He also has hidden talents, similar to Eddie Munson. Billy is skilled at woodcarving, whereas Eddie is proficient at electric guitar. This is just another example of a role similar to Eddie’s that he played before receiving the position.

Stranger Things fans worldwide fell in love with Joseph Quinn when he joined the cast for Season 4 as Eddie Munson, a high school outcast and leader of the Hellfire Club. Fans couldn’t get enough new characters, from his wild, curly wig to his endearing relationship with Dustin. Fortunately, if you’ve become a Joseph Quinn fan, there are plenty of other films and shows to see him in. Quinn’s accent in Stranger Things makes it difficult to believe he is British. While he may be new to many American audiences, he’s already something of an acting veteran across the pond. His career began when he was in teenage 2011, and his credits primarily include British television credits.