Let Breakdown the Details of The Walking Dead 5 Finale Named “Them Episode 10”

“Them “is the tenth episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead’s fifth season. It is the series’ sixty-first episode overall. It made its debut in February 2015. Heather Bellson wrote it, and Julius Ramsay directed it. The group has been battered and beleaguered by life on the road. Will they be able to keep going? Are they the same people they used to be? The episode received mostly positive reviews, with many praising aspects such as the grief theme, the intro of Aaron at the end, and the sequel involving Sasha fueling her rage on the zombies. Variety’s Laura Prudom praised the episode, calling it “excellent.” “Thoughtful but satisfying.

How does Them Episode 10 Begin?

How does Them Episode

Maggie is sitting in the woods when the episode begins. She is sobbing, obviously in mourning for Beth. A walker moves slowly through the bushes towards her. It approaches dangerously close but becomes trapped between two trees. Maggie dispatches it quickly with her knife.
Meanwhile, Daryl digs up a worm and eats it, implying that the group is out of supplies. Sasha walks along a dried-up creek looking for water. She notices several dead frogs, indicating a scarcity of food. The three of them return to the others who are waiting on the road. Maggie observes that the rest of the group is unlikely to have had great success.

How does Them Episode 10 End?

How does Them Episode 10 End
Maggie and Sasha sit together on a downed tree to watch the sunrise. Sasha tells Maggie, as they sit, what Noah said about himself, that he doesn’t know if he can make it. Sasha admits to feeling the same way. Maggie assures her that she will be okay. Maggie attempts to use the music box. The women laugh, but their conversation is cut short by Aaron, who asks if he can speak to the man in charge and specifically mentions Rick. The women are perplexed as they draw their weapons and inquire how he knows about Rick. The episode concludes with Aaron informing them of good news and the music box instantly playing its music.

Review Recorded for Them Episode 10:

Review Recorded for Them Episode 10
The episode received positive reviews, with many lauding facets such as the grief theme and the sequel involving Sasha fueling her rage on the zombies. Variety’s Laura Prudom praised the incident, calling it “contemplative but emotionally satisfying.” Ron Hogan of Den of Geek commented positively on the episode’s themes and felt Martin-Green delivered the best performance in his review. The Daily Telegraph’s Rebecca Hawkes gave the episode four stars, calling it “mystical.” She thought the attack “raised interesting questions about whether a survival-based life is little better than dying.”

Them Episode 10 Ending Explained:

Them Episode 10 Ending Explained
It’s not a happy ending for everyone. From The Birds to The Sopranos, open conclusions are rare. No real, lasting catharsis or triumph can offset the ten-episode onslaught of brutal horror imagery and breathtakingly cruel racism. There is no way out—only survival and an uncertain future. More than that, however, would undermine the power of Them’s central metaphor’s parable of racial hatred as literally infernal. Them is agnostic about God, perhaps even suspicious of the concept; He never intervenes in the Emorys’ favour, and most of the characters who refer to Him are devils in disguise. Promises of “a better place” are treated with the scorn they deserve in Livia’s situation.

Interesting Plot of Them Episode 10:

Interesting Plot of Them Episode 10
The group rests in the barn as night falls while the storm rages outside. Maggie is lying by a campfire, Sasha is sitting next to Abraham, looking after her with his liquor in hand, and Rick is telling the group a story about his childhood with his grandfather, who served in WWII. Rick used to ask him if he had to kill any Germans during the war, but he never answered. When he asked if the Germans tried to kill him, his grandfather became very quiet. Rick’s grandfather told him that “the minute he entered enemy territory, he was dead” and that every morning when he woke up, he told himself, “Rest in peace.”

What They believe is evil, as manifested in white supremacist racism. The supernatural element simply recreates the evil that men do as a parable. You may be able to walk away from that alive, but you will not be unscathed or unchanged. The same can be said about the show. The arrival of a significant new talent in showrunner Little Marvin and a staggering achievement in television horror marks the arrival of Them. It’s as essential as it is violent. It’s one of the most entertaining shows and you will love it. IGN’s Matt Fowler praised Rick’s speech, the scene in which Sasha unleashed her rage on the zombies, and the appearance of Aaron as from comic book series. Despite this, he felt the episode coated the old ground.