Know about the Dating Game Show Love Island

Love Island is a very successful dating show in Britain. It was a remake of the excellent celebrity series that showed nearly two series from 2005 and 2006 and on the local channel Britain, ITV. It has been a very successful reality show, and the international franchise has gained much recognition from the viewers and audience. The original reality show was released on 7th June 2015 and is presently continuing the show at a very successful pace. It has been a high-rated show. The show is top-rated in British Culture, and the dating game show has received much recognition. In 2018 it was the most watched show on the channel ITV.

Love Island History

History and Success of the Love Island

The show successfully premiered on the 13th of February 2015, and it was official by the producers of the show that the remake of the show would be made officially. The previous edition of the show included celebrities and famous people in the show’s star cast. Still, in the second edition of the series, the remake had the general public as the show’s star cast. The second Edition of the show was confirmed on the 14th of February 2016, and the show was very successful among the audience as the overall format of dating was one of the significant reasons for which the show got colossal recognition, and the audiences wanted to enjoy the reality of the show itself.

Love Island Format

Format of the entire Show of Love Island

The format of the show love Island involved people or contestants who were referred to as islanders and were living in particular isolation outside the world. The contestants were supposed to join in our couples and survive with each other, and during these connections, few fell in love, and you just had and relationship of friends. The winning team successfully receives 50000, and the couples have to form a relationship on the very first day based on their expressions and first impression. The contestant who has to stay single after the coupling process is over has to get eliminated from the show and dumped from the island. The show’s format is amazing, and the viewers love how the contestants strive to form a couple.

Love Island Spin-off

Spin-offs and Remakes of Love Island

From the release of the very first episode of the series, a weekly recap series was entitled with the love Island and every Saturday, and there was a hotlist made which revolved around all the happenings taking place in the villa during the overall week. The series also portrays unseen footage of the villa, which was shown on other channels, and it was confirmed that a spin series will be made in 2017 and will be shown during the third edition of the series. The show was very successful in being broadcasted on the local channels of Britain, but it was also shown across the entire world.

Love Island Suicides

Suicides and Complaints related to Love Island

Various series participants have also committed suicide and have launched Complaints against the show for certain reasons. The host of the show Caroline Flack and two of the contestant, Mike Thalassitis and Sophie Gradon, all eventually died within 20 months of the show’s happening, and all died by suicide. Sophie Gardon’s boyfriend also committed suicide 20 days after the news of the death of his girlfriend. The participants and contestants eventually died because there were numerous complaints regarding the show, and threat calls were provided to the contestants, which led to them getting harassed and then committing suicide and ending their lives.

Love Island Shooting Location

Locations where the Love Island took place and where to watch it

The overall show covered various beautiful locations, and the next edition of the series also announced where the series would be taking place. The summer series was gradually shot in Mallorca, where it was done in a villa and shown in the form of the United Kingdom version and was very beautiful all together. The second Edition of the film covered South Africa, where the shooting was done in Cape town, and beautiful locations were covered. It is expected that the upcoming future series will also cover South Africa and then return to Mallorca. The show is available to watch on the ITV Channel and available on the Hulu OTT website altogether.