Discussing the Top 5 Thriller Movies to watch on Netflix

Recently Netflix has been one of the most successful online streaming platforms where each type of series movie is available. Netflix is the platform where any International series can be viewed, and producers and owners of the series and films are trying to join hands with Netflix and trying to make the series available on Netflix itself. It is a very typical following of Netflix that they try and form web series or films that are thrilling as the producers of Netflix think that these are the journals that the audiences love the most. In this article, we will successfully discuss the top 5 thrilling movies available on Netflix.



Oxygen is a scientific movie which was released on Netflix in 2021 which is a science fiction thriller movie. The film consists of a woman who suspiciously wakes up in a cryogenic chamber, and it is seen that the woman does not have any knowledge about the house and eventually comes into that particular room. The overall film is based on a situation in which the woman tries to find oxygen as the oxygen level in the room decreases. The film revolves around memory and how she will use her memory to find any particular way to escape the nightmare. The thriller film is presently one of the most successful films on Netflix, and the viewers loved how the film was portrayed.

_No One Gets Out Alive

No One Gets Out Alive

No One Gets Out Alive is eventually a horror film based in written which is based on a novel which is of the same name and was released on Netflix on the 29th of September 2021 and is regarded as the second best thriller movie on Netflix till now. The film revolves around an immigrant forced to take shelter in a boarding house. The migrant is looking for an American dream and then moves into a particular nightmare through which she does not have any escape route. The film is eventually based on horror activities and shows how the woman falls into the trap of the people and then faces different thrills.

_The Gray Man

The Gray Man

The Gray Man is an American action film and a successful thriller film released on Netflix in 2022. The film also has got a very thriving fan base. It is related to a very successful storyline where a special intelligence agent looks forward to identifying an accident under cover of agencies that perform dark activities and dark secrets. The government activities which perform dark activities are something which the overall series looks after, and the life of the agent is always getting penalized and how he saves his life and catches the evil people is something the film is very successful for.

Restless series


Restless is a French action film released on Netflix in 2022 itself and consists of a very successful star cast that revolves around thrilling activities. The restless film revolves around a plot where seeing grow up to extreme when under the covering of an accident is done and a corrupt government official goes out of control when he starts receiving sets from a very mysterious witness of the accident. The corrupt activities of government officials are seen in the entire world now, and the film revolves around how a mysterious normal human being catches the government official red-handed in doing unofficial activities. The film is a thriller and ranks number 4 of the top 5 thrilling movies on Netflix.

Army of Thieves

Army of Thieves

The Army of Thieves is eventually a comedy film which successfully consists of thrilling activities with a nature of comedy in it. Heist is something which consists of great comedy, as well as thrilling nature and the activities shown in the field is something which consists of thrill as well as laughing substance. This frequency consists of different events caused before the Army of Dead and casually focuses on a safe German cracker who successfully leaves a group of heaves and performs a very secret highest during the early stages of an apocalypse of the zombie. The film is very successful in terms of thrill and has gained much recognition across the globe.