Binge Watching this Mystery Film: Now Alibi on Amazon Prime

It’s difficult to describe the unusual engagement that Alibi, a three-part miniseries from 2003 now available on DVD and Amazon Prime streaming service, will undoubtedly elicit from viewers. Michael of Foyle’s War, Sophie Okonedo of Rwanda, and Phyllis Logan of Downton Abbey star in the British mystery. Perhaps it is the acting talent of Paul Abbott and the direction of David Richards that makes Alibi work so well. Whatever the reason, Alibi catches viewers off guard and proves to be riveting television. It doesn’t reach the heights of other British mysteries, but it’s entertaining enough for two and a half hours.

About the Movie:

About the Movie

A thriller with a touch of romance and black humor thrown in for good measure. Marcey, a public servant, moonlighting as a waitress at a party thrown by Greg for his and his wife’s wedding anniversary, discovers Greg with the dead body of his wife’s lover. Marcey begins organizing the slightly neurotic Greg’s efforts to cover up the accident. Greg Brentwood, played by Kitchen, is a nervous businessman who throws a surprise party for his wife, Linda (Logan). He can’t afford such a splendid celebration, but he’s a showman who likes to impress. At the party, he meets Marcey, one of the caterers. It doesn’t look long for Marcey to realize that Linda will cheat on Greg.

The Plotline of the Movie: Alibi

Plotline of the Movie Alibi
It portrays the story of Greg Brentwood, a neurotic businessman who throws a lavish anniversary party for his wife Linda at their English country home. Marcey, one of the caterers, quietly admires this couple’s love until she notices and captures an intimate moment between Linda and Greg’s business partner, Martin. The evening goes on, and she thinks nothing of it until she has to return to the house to fetch her leather bag after the party, and she starts walking in on a frightening incident: Greg is moving Martin’s lifeless body. Greg insists it was an accident, but he also persuades her to assist him in disposing of the body. Greg becomes increasingly concerned as the police investigate.

Officially now Alibi on Amazon Prime:

Officially now Alibi on Amazon Prime
This intriguing miniseries from award-winning writer Paul Abbott stars Michael Kitchen, Phyllis Logan, and Oscar nominee Sophie Okonedo. When neurotic Greg is accused of murdering his business partner, witness Marcey assists him in disposing of the body—but soon wonders what she has gotten herself into. “Equal parts black comedy, thriller, and farce,” according to The Guardian in the United Kingdom. As a result, you can now watch Alibi on Amazon Prime. You can now binge-watch the movie with the Prime Subscription. Greg Brentwood hosts a lavish anniversary celebration for his wife, Linda, at their home. Later that night, one of the caterers, Marcey, returns to the house to retrieve her handbag and finds a terrifying scene: Greg starting to move the dead body of his business partner, Martin.

Reviews Recorded for Alibi:

Reviews Recorded for Alibi
The appearances are outstanding, as one would expect from such a talented cast. From start to finish, Kitchen maintains his nervous persona. He mumbles and looks down at the ground and is easily distracted. He’s probably the last person you’d anticipate getting entangled in the crime. Okonedo is effective as the central trio’s most mysterious character. She works two jobs as a caterer and a benefits officer, and her assurance throughout the ordeal calms Greg and boosts his confidence. Logan is credible and fascinating as Linda, though the character is underdeveloped. This quickly becomes the Marcey-Greg show, with Linda playing a supporting role.

Lead Roles of Alibi:

Lead Roles of Alibi
Michael Kitchen plays it all delectably on the moment, providing audiences with a refreshing change from his character from Foyle’s War. He’s frenetic but also a little sinister, which makes for a fun performance. At the same time, Phyllis Logan is a stalwart character actor anchor in any story. The consistently underrated Sophie Okonedo makes for a great partner in crime and ultimately foil as we see all these characters interact and become entwined in each other’s lives, for better or worse. It could slip under the radar, but Alibi is well worth the time on any given night for some high-quality enjoyment.

Alibi is the embodiment of British Mystery Television, lasting only three episodes. A little raunchy, a little tawdry, and a very compelling piece of television to curl up with on a winter’s night. Shameless & State of Play, with veteran UK industry hands like director David Richards and writer Paul Abbott at the helm, is a fascinating bag. It’s less about the mystery and the crime and more about the mess people make with each other when their lives overlap and the lies they tell to keep going get in the way. It moves quickly and draws us into some pretty convincing but amusingly horrible characters’ nonsense.