Why is Aadha Ishq is just Sensless Circle of Love

Love has no age restrictions. Then if it is finished or stays unfinished.

The recent web series “Adha Ishq” attempts to depict something similar. A married woman has a love affair with an artist, but her story never happens. Then, after a while, events change to the point where the teenage daughter of the same woman starts dating her mother’s lover. mother and daughter together, for example, having feelings for a person. The plot then turns, and Nandita Mehra captured it desirably. The series was filmed in various breathtaking settings, including the alluring valleys and Dal Lake in Kashmir, the verdant hills of Mussoorie, and the Ganges River in Rishikesh.

What is the Cast of Adha Ishq?

cast of adha ishq

  • Roma and Rene’s love interest, Saahir Singh, is played by Gaurav Arora.
  • Aamna Sharif plays Roma Bhardwaj, the ex-girlfriend of Sahir and Aman and the ex-wife of Milind.
  • Rene Bhardwaj, who is Pratibha Ranta and is Jass’s ex-girlfriend and the daughter of Milind and Roma,
  • Kunaal Roy Kapur plays Milind, the father of Rene, Samaira’s husband and Roma’s ex-husband.
  • Andy, played by Gautam Ahuja, was Rene’s best friend and supporter and Karen’s son.
  • Jass, Rene’s former boyfriend, is played by Darsheel Safary.
  • Samaira “Sam,” played by Pooja Bhamrah, is Milind’s wife and Rene’s stepmother.
  • Roma’s closest friend and supporter, Karanjit “Karen” Kaur, is portrayed by Suchitra Pillai.
  • Roma’s former boyfriend, Aman, is played by Vishal Karwal.
  • The mother of Saahir is Geeta Tyagi.

What is the plot of Adha Ishq?

story of adha ishq

Aadha Ishq is written by Jaya Misra and directed by Nandita Mehra. Voot Select’s original new series “Aadha Ishq” focuses on the complexity of forbidden love with a couple in love with Sahir (Gaurav Arora) and Rome (Amna Sharif). Rome enters into a loveless marriage with Milind (Kunaal Roy Kapur), a misogynistic man who leads couples in love to divorce. Ten years later, Sahir returns to life in Rome, seeking revenge for his earlier betrayal. New troubles arise when Rome’s hottest new daughter, René (Prativa Ranta), falls in love with her mother’s ex-boyfriend, now an art teacher at school.

Adha Ishq Wasted the Character Cast

wasted character of adha ishq

Aamna Sharif looks like a dream everywhere. He does his best to make the most of a poorly written role and make it believable. Gaurav Arora does his job brilliantly, but the inconclusive specialization doesn’t do him much good. Pratibha Ranta does her unfaithful role well. Kunaal Roy Kapur is powerfully transformed into a dirty and misogynistic Milind.

To make matters worse, Roy Kapur also knows. So the performance is uncertain. Suchitra Pillai and Darsheel Safari are wasted on insignificant roles. You can remove it from the script without losing anything. The same goes for Pooja Bhamrra.

Why is Adha Ishq ‘Half’ invalid?

half invalid of adha ishq character

Aadha Ishq is one of the worst contents of the assembly line, an OTT space in India today. It’s so slow, tedious and sad that you’ll feel like you’ve been hit by a truck at the end of nine 30-minute episodes. The authors added beloved names to the series, such as Aamna Sharif, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Suchitra Pillai and Darsheel Safari. A poem was written primarily for Aadha Ishq by Gulzar Saab. 

But if you look inside, you will realize that they are all lies to reject forbidden love as a story with a ubiquitous gravity based on insignificance. Aadha Ishq’s plot constantly changes from 2010, 2012 and present 2022 between past and present. The most annoying thing is that the main characters look the same from every era, which makes it a little difficult to understand what’s going on. It will happen when keeping constant between the past and present becomes dull over time and simply moves away for a short period.

My opinion about Adha Ishq

review about adha ishq

Each character in Aadha Ishq is so well written that touching each surface will make you itch your fingers. The Roma are completely backless and contaminated with today’s high concepts of women’s empowerment and women’s right to exercise their own choices. Sahir is always in a state of fear and boiling anger. It’s annoying to see his conversation repeated every 5 minutes. Milind’s character is the worst of all. Writers and directors can’t decide whether to make it rough or smooth. Selfish or sensitive; misogynistic or in the wrong direction.

Stupid subplots add an unhealthy element to an already dull story. Rape, unwanted pregnancies, miscarriages, teenage love and forced gay lovers make the story as confusing as can be. The end of the series is a straw. It is noisy, hurried, and frustrating. Moreover, the ending suggests that the writers are looking for a second season. Whether he will succeed or not remains to be seen. I would never recommend watching it, but if you are a fan of these kinds of drama, you may go for it.