Who are there as Cast in The Output in Season 3?

Outpost is an American adventure and fantasy drama television series purchased by The CW that aired on July 10, 2018. Syfy International Broadcasters produced it for international distribution. The series was renewed for a third season in October 2019, which premiered on October 8, 2020. The series was selected for another 13 episodes before the third season’s premiere. It ended after four seasons in September 2021 and ended on October 7, 2021. 

A Summary of The Output: Season 2

season 2 Summary

After defeating the soldier territories and resuming the outpost, Talon and Gwynn prepare for the next battle against the Order of the First. As Gwyn struggles to find a trusted friend, Talon and Dragman explore the dangers of summoning other demons. Deploying spies, assassins, troops, and even deadly secret weapons, the trio of Prime Horde leaders, known as the “Trio,” have strange abilities to quell the spreading outpost rebellion. As Talon calls several Rukiri and unwittingly reveals more connections to animals, he wonders if he is “one” of the prophecy. When Yokai Baron Garrett does not return after pursuing Dredd, he immediately pursues Gwynn romantically for his loyalty and use of soldiers. Before the Prime Order strikes, Talon must learn more about his history and that of his people, determining the difference between a man he can trust and a steadfast ally and an enemy.

The Output Season 3 Release Date

 release date of output season 3

The second season of “The Outpost” debuted on The CW on July 11 and concluded on September 26 with 13 episodes. Season 2’s average rating in the 18-49 demo was.13, 7.69% lower than season 1’s rating. Total viewers were 590,000, 6.09 percent less than in season 1. Despite the significant decline in viewership, The CW opted to extend the program for a second season. The station broadcasted the news during Mipcom 2019. Season 3 of “The Outpost” will debut on October 8, 2020.

The Output: Season 3 Expected Plot

 season 3 expected plot

Outpost tells the story of Talon (Jessica Green), a lone survivor of a race known as the Black Bloods. Years after, an entire city was destroyed by evil mercenaries, and Talon pursued the killers who killed his family in an illegal fortress on the edge of civilization. On his journey to this outpost, Talon discovers that he possesses mysterious supernatural powers that must be mastered to save himself and protect the world from a mad religious dictator. 

As the show begins, we introduce you to nature-loving dark-blooded elves. But before they know them, they are quickly destroyed by mercenaries sent in a kind of political order. The show does not tend to have a rich political context or explain it well to viewers. We present the protagonist, Talon, who seeks revenge after seeing his parents killed. Just as a montage photograph transports him from one deserted landscape to another, the audience wonders if an ambitious show added to the fantasy genre is such a cheap show.

On his journey, Talon soon faces problems and is rescued by Garrett, who takes him to an outpost. It soon becomes clear that this is a common refuge for fugitives, foreigners, and those trying to distance themselves from the past. A typical shady place waits for the protagonist to form alliances and get clues about the search. Because of this, the show is disappointing.

Season 2 ends with Prime Order attacking an outpost, Talon risking everything with a bold plan, and Garrett seeking revenge. There is a lot left for the story, and next season will bring the show to an end.

The Output Season 3 Cast 

the output season 3 cast

Talon is Jessica Green.


As Garret Spears, Jake Stormoen


As Queen Gwynn Calkussar, Imogen Waterhouse


As Janzo, Anand Desai-Barochia


Baron Tobin Aegisford, played by Aaron Fontaine


As Zed, Reece Ritchie


As Wren, Izuka Hoyle


Yavalla, played by Jaye Griffiths


Georgia May Foote plays Falista Relman.


As Munt, Adam Johnson