Where was Neighbours filmed? Explore all your favourite locations

Neighbours is an Australian soap opera aired on Seven Network on March 18, 1985. Created by TV director Reg Watson. Seven commissioned the show after the success of Watson’s Sons and Daughters. It was successful in Melbourne but performed poorly in the Sydney market. It was cancelled from Seven after four months of airing. Rival network Ten immediately commissioned a second production season on January 20, 1986. Since then, Neighbors has become the longest-running drama series in the history of Australian television. In 2005, it was inducted into the Hall of Fame Lodge.

About Ramsay Street

About Ramsay Street

One street that every neighbourhood fan knows and loves is a borderless street called Pin Oak Court in Melbourne, Vermont. It was named after the original character Max Ramsay, who appeared in the series’ pilot episode on March 18, 1985. While most people are familiar with this house’s exterior scenes, the neighbourhood’s interior scenes are filmed in a studio located in another part of Nunawading Melbourne.

About Erinsborough High School & Hospital 

Erinsborough High School & Hospital 

Opened after World War II, Erinsborough High School was a companion and educational and employment location for many of the show’s characters. Outdoor filming was done at Blackburn English Center and Colour High School in Burwood East. The interior set also consists of classrooms, halls and stairs.

Erinsborough Hospital has seen many dramas and warm moments, with births, deaths and tragedies. The characters, including nurses Dee Bliss and Dr Carl Kennedy, worked at Erinsborough Hospital and were filmed at several Melbourne hospitals, including Austin Hospital and the Peter McCallum Cancer Center. The hospital’s exterior was filmed at the entrance to the neighbouring mill in Nunawading.

About Lassiters

about Lassiters

Most Neighbors fans are familiar with Paul Robinson and his connections to Lassiter’s. After Udagawa took over the shares of Udagawa’s company in October 2017, he named him head of Window. Lassiters is located on Sutherland Street, on the shores of Lassiter Lake, just a few minutes’ walk from Ramsay Street. The real Lassiters’ applications come from the general public, and a woman sends her entire CV to the reception for a job.

About Number 24

About Number 24

One of the original houses, number 24, plays an essential role in the show’s history. Owned initially by Max Ramsay, named after his grandfather on the street, the house has four bedrooms and a swimming pool where Sandy Allen almost drowned. Characters such as Scott and Charlene, and Harold Bishop lived there.

About Scott and Charlene’s Wedding Spot

Scott and Charlene's Wedding Spot

In 1988, pop diva Kylie Minogue wed her on- and off-screen beau, Jason Donovan, two years after Prince Andrew married Fergie. Twenty million viewers in the UK saw Scott and Charlene’s wedding. It was one of the highest ratings in the history of the Neighbors. Episode 523, entitled “Magic Moments,” occurred at Holy Trinity Church in Doncaster, Melbourne. The scene has since become an integral part of the show.

About Only A Footstep Away

about Only A Footstep Away

We may not be invited to Ramsey Street Residences, but Melbourne Museum’s Kitchen No. You can visit 22. The “One Step Away” exhibition allows fans to step into the kitchen of the Sculley family, which was destroyed at the end of the 1999 season. The set was recorded for the next season and is now on display in the museum, along with the script and souvenirs. Scott and Charlene’s wedding cake is in the fridge, and fans will remember the set painted in blue in 1997, after Philip’s new wife, Ruth, rejected the previous colour scheme.