Where to Stream In Plain Sight and other details

In Plain Sight is an American drama series premiered on the USA Network on June 1, 2008. The series revolves around US Deputy Marshal Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack) from the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Security Program (WITSEC) is the Federal Witness Protection Program. Shannon needs to find a way to balance her professional life in witness protection, her professional relationship with her co-worker, American Marshal Marshall Mann, and her troubled personal life. The show was filmed in Albuquerque. The Inplane site ended on May 4, 2012, after five seasons.

Production Details of In Plain Sight

production details

The premiere of In Plain Sight was originally scheduled for Thursday, April 24, 2008, but the USA Network canceled the series after a WGA strike postponed the summer release of Burn Notice. Instead, they debuted on Sunday, June 1, 2008. It started on April 19, 2009, and was renewed on July 21, 2008, for the second season of 16 episodes. Then, after creative differences with executive producer David Maples, USA Network decided to use episode 15 of the season as the first part of the season in two parts. 

The creator of the series David Maples and the co-creator Paul Stupin gave up at the end of the second season but remained consultant producers, replaced by John McNamara. Todd Williams and Leslie Ann Warren have been reformed as guest stars, and the reworked script is designed to focus more on Mary’s business and less on her personal life, allowing the story to focus on the characters. According to American director Jeff Wachtel, the producer’s switch shows that the network wants the show to be fun and not too dark.

Cast Details of In Plain Sight

Mary Shannon

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Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack): Mary is a capable officer; she is not interested in masculine tricks, typical for women. Her witnesses call her Mary Shepard. After a difficult childhood due to the abandonment of his fugitive father and her mother’s alcoholism, there are problems of trust and rejection that cause problems in the relationship.

Marshall Mann

marshall mann

Marshall Mann (Fred Weller): According to eyewitnesses, the fifth deputy commander of the United States Army named Marshall Miller. Marshal Mann is Mary’s partner and best (and only) friend, and as the series progresses, she sometimes seems to want more than her friendship.

Stan McQueen

stan mcqueen
Stan McQueen (Paul Ben-Victor): Stan, the Southwest Regional Superintendent of WITSEC, is the head of Marshall and Mary. He is a flexible boss and a stable person who rushes to help Marshall and Mary when they have problems.

Jinx Shannon

jinx shannon

Jinx Shannon (Lesley Ann Warren): Mary’s alcoholic mother, she was abandoned by her bank-robbing husband to raise her two daughters alone. Although she adores her daughters, she has never been a traditional, supportive, job-holding, maternal figure. She recognizes that Mary is their family’s stable member, which has inspired her to live up to her daughter’s example.

Where to watch In Plain Sight?

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