When Will Hotel Hazbin Season 2 be Released?

Hazbin Hotel is an American animated TV series for adults, produced by Vivienne “VivziePop” Medrano. Charlie Morningstar, the queen of hell and the devil, wants to “reactivate” other demons and send them to heaven, so he opens a rehabilitation hotel that gives the devil a chance to be saved and to be a good man. . Launched on YouTube on October 28, 2019, the pilot was created entirely by independent animators and was primarily funded by Medrano Patreon’s followers. The first season was produced by the independent entertainment company A24. By August 2020, the series had built a fan base of over 83 million in June 2022, up from 32 million views in May 2020 in a 31-minute pilot. 

What is Hotel Hazbin about?

about  hotel hazbin

“As Charlie, the princess of hell strives to achieve her unattainable aim of rehabilitating devils to decrease overcrowding in her realm gently; you may follow her journey. She establishes a hotel after an annual extinction ordered by angels in the hopes that guests would be “checked out” into heaven.

Her faithful boyfriend Vaggie and their first visitor, adult film star Angel Dust, stand by her as the majority of hell mocks her objective. Charlie’s insane desire is given a chance to come true when a powerful being known as the “Radio Demon” contacts her to offer assistance. 

“.The daughter of Lucifer runs a rehabilitation hostel that gives a bunch of misfit demons a shot at redemption to find a non-violent solution to decreasing hell’s population problem.

Who are the Cast in Hotel Hazbin Season 1?

cast in hotel hazbin season 1

Well talking about the cast, it’s an animated series, so the main voiceover was done by 


  • Charlie Morningstar, played by Jill Harris


  • Charlie, played by Elsie Lovelock.


  • Angel Dust (Monica Franco) as Vaggie (TBA)


  • Angel Dust actor Michael Kovach


  • Alastor, played by Edward Bosco


  • Alastor, Gabriel C. Brown


  • Alastor’s microphone is Dave Capdevielle.

Production Details for Hotel Hazbin Season 1?

production informations of hotel hazbin

A pilot episode of the series was available on YouTube on October 28, 2019. Hazbin Hotel was acquired by the independent production and entertainment company A24 on August 7, 2020. The following program was known as “Coming Soon on TV,” but no release date or platform was given, and no information about the development of the program. On December 21, 2021, two Broadway performers, Leslie Kritzer and Erika Henningsen, announced via Instagram that they would join the show.

On March 3, 2022, many artists who worked on the Helluva Boss and the Hazbin pilot received permission to publicly announce their participation in the show’s production in a variety of new roles. These artists included second-season writer Adam Neylan, animator Ames Heard, background lead Amanda Heard, and clean-up artist Sam Abbriz.

When Will Hotel Hazbin Season 2 Release?

release date of hotel hazbin season 2

The series follows Charlie Morningstar, the Prince of Hell, an energetic demon and heir to the throne, as he begins his seemingly unattainable ambition to build a hotel called the Happy Hotel that attempts to save sinners. Jill Harris voices Charlie. Every year, angels from heaven come to earth to kill demons in hell for overpopulation. Until now, there is no valuable information on the internet about the next season, but many fan arts and fan-made comics based on Hotel Hazbin are available on the web.

Multi-Media Based on Hotel Hazzbin


webcomic based on hotel hazbin

In July 2020, a twenty-two-page webcomic titled “Dirty Healing” was released and showed Angel Dust learning about the hotel’s completion on the official website. Another sixteen-page comic, “A Day in the Afterlife,” focusing on Alastair’s daily life in hell, was uploaded to the website on October 19, 2020.

“Addict” song and music video

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“Drug Addict” is an animated music video based on the song of the same name by Silva Hound, released on Medrano’s YouTube channel on July 17, 2020. It focuses on Angel Dust and her best friend Cherry Bomb, her relationship with her abusive boss Valentino, and her experiences with drug addiction. The song was sung by Michael Kovacs and Kelly “Chi-Chi” Boyer. Tito V. James of Comicon.com described the video as a “deep look” into the lives of Cherry Bomb and Angel Dust and praised “Hazbin’s World” as “paradoxically provocative and compassionate.” On July 21, 2020, the song reached number 3 on the iTunes Dance Chart. The song also reached number 14 on the US Dance / Electronic Songs chart and 4 and 3 on the Dance / Electronic Digital Song chart. Dance Chart 77. / Electronic end-of-year song.