What are The Filming Locations of Full Custom Garage

The successful Full Custom Garage series will keep viewers seated to the end while fans continue to search for filming locations. At the show, Jan Roussel turns a car into a unique vehicle. This magic series consists of 7 seasons with about 65 episodes. Jan Roussel is a car manufacturer with a divine talent for transforming cars. Each new section contains a different creation. Ian Roussel loves the unique challenges that make the episodes interesting for the audience. Due to the quality of its work, the demand for its custom cars is high. Its unique combination of vehicles makes it one of the most desirable custom car manufacturers. Ian has had a passion for cars since he was five years old.

 After years of work and experience, he opened his garage and fulfilled his dream. Roussel’s “Full Custom Garage” TV series aired on MATV with Dominic Sylvester. Jean Roussel’s unique combination is what everyone loves and turns fantasies into reality. Tom Flores, Ian, and the store manager Victor Cacho are the series’ protagonists.

Where was Full Custom Garage Filmed

filming of Full Custom Garage

 Season 6 of Full Custom Garage premiered on November 1, 2019, and the last four episodes aired on November 22, 2019. People are surprised that Ian receives all the car parts they can find from family or friends. Collect debris to create custom cars. Ian Roussell was born in Sunland, California, on November 19, 1970. He grew up in California and remodeled and remodeled cars

 The captivating show Full Custom Garage, known for its unique characters and talents, was filmed in California, USA. There is a “fully customizable garage,” and we transform many vehicles to suit the needs of our customers. Roussell is also building her car at her home in the Mojave Desert. Some of Rossel’s works were also sent to Japan, the Netherlands, and Germany. Spokane Valley has a great history, with some great cars coming next season.

Will Full Custom Garage return in 2022?

will return  full custom garage

The series aired on MATV Sports in 2014. A sixth season will come on TV in 2019, but a seventh season has not yet been announced. Many of us look forward to this beautiful series because we are inspired to follow our passion. In addition, the fantastic transformation of the scrap creates a visual pleasure. This is a creative fantasy that car enthusiasts must see. An announcement of the eighth season is yet to come, but we can always wait and see again. 

A taste of the personal life of actor Ian Roussel

about ian roussel

Ian Roussell is the protagonist of the movie “Full Custom Garage,” which turns an airplane into a beautifully remodeled car. Use all the garbage that the client gives to a friend. His talent has made him a world-renowned car manufacturer. Talking about his personal life, Ian happily meets his wife, Jamie Roussell, a professional nurse, from 2019. At a wedding attended by loved ones, the couple got married in the Mojave Desert of California.

Ian Roussel’s Net Worth

ian roussel net worth

Ian Roussel is estimated to be worth $2 million. Having built cars for a living, he makes an astounding amount of money. According to client requests, Ian creates and produces bespoke vehicles. In addition to creating the automobiles, he makes a tidy sum of money from the Full Custom Garage television show. The fifth season of the system is now in operation. Ian also makes a respectable income through a few transactions, announcements, and advertisements. We may anticipate his net worth increasing based on his dedication to his career and hard work.