What are the 7 best movies available on Amazon Prime: 2022

One Night in Miami

One Night in Miami

The heartwarming story of One Night in Miami seems like a man’s delight. There are four men in town, no extras in line, and the evening’s celebration stretches to the sky. But four men – Sam Cooke, Cassius Clay, Jim Brown and, most importantly, Malcolm X; The city is truly a magical city. On February 25, 1964, heavyweight boxing champion Sonny Liston lost his title in a disappointing fight to Clay. The themes that flow through the mouths of the characters are, of course, boxing, women and stupidity, but they combine other important themes such as the American identity of color, the American identity and the way the two interact.


about Fargo 

Exploring the negative consequences of the Minnesota pine, the Coen brothers made one of the most beloved, popular and well-known films. Fargo explores the tensions that accompany polite social norms and the quiet despair that often overshadows them, leaving each scene so uncomfortable that it gives you goosebumps.

Train to Busan

train to busan

Whether you love them or hate them, zombies remain the same in the horror genre of 2016 and are confident enough to put aside the conductor’s watch. I’ve seen enough indie zombie movies in my lifetime to not make a habit of watching them, but there’s usually a great zombie movie every couple of years. In 2016, there was a train to Busan.


about arrival

Your appreciation for Denis Villeneuve’s arrival depends on how much you like to be misled. A perfect representation of Villeneuve’s cinematic approach, this SF masterpiece is a two-hour magic trick practiced with as little intrigue as possible. Basically, the day the aliens landed on Earth and every day after that was chaos to sum up the collective human reaction in one word.

The Terminator

The Terminator

James Cameron’s First Terminator (and second film) is a terrifying film full of dark, gloomy, quiet villains, more of a pure popcorn action film than an extended sequel. Damaged face to target the victim more precisely. Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor don’t seem to be on a mission. Tracking the T-800 with modern weapons, even for future soldiers, is almost ridiculous.


about emma

Emma’s debut in feature film. interesting moment. More a comedy of manners than pure romance, Jane Austen’s novel and De Wilde’s film feature the happy single Emma Wodehouse, the “beautiful, intelligent and wealthy” owner of a British country estate. Eliminates a set of self-based identity schemes.

Ragging Bull

ragging bull

The best film of the 1980s is one of your greatest achievements as a director and one of the greatest films of all time. The standing that Martin Scorsese achieved in the years following Raging Bull is well deserved. Watching is a completely captivating experience.