Was it Love? K-Drama Episode 15 Review

I’ve seen a lot of K-dramas on Netflix in recent years, and most have the same elements. Dream music, a little comedy, and a chase Watch this LGBTQIA + K-drama. But we haven’t met yet). Was it love? Is the formula slightly modified to give single mothers aged 30 to choose a career and one of the four spouses they love? – Korean TV series with Jihyo Song, Hojun Song, Jeongho Song, Minjun Kim, Jaseong Koo, and Dasom Kim. It aired on JTBC from July 8 to September 2, 2020. Each episode was released on Netflix after airing in Korea and abroad.

The Start of the Episode

was it love starting epsiodes

I don’t know what happened yesterday. There was a typhoon that postponed the 15th episode this week. Show me how ignorant I am about the news. That means the final will take place next week. Advise the impulse, but hopefully, the ending is worth a shout-out. Anyway, by episode 15, Dae-oh starts kissing affectionately with affection. There is shame and discomfort in the room. Everyone leaves the room in a strange tension. Hani tells Yeonwoo that she doesn’t know what to think because her mother seems happier. It was love Episode 15 is an innovative chapter in which Hani must learn to understand who her father is.

Dong-Chan Enters

dong chan enters

Arriving with the agent, Arin tells the sender about the problems she is facing and about the film. Mrs. Song defends herself and means Arin that there are rumors about her age and name. Then Ryujin saves her by telling the former manager that Arin is hardworking and persistent and that Arin hit her from the garage. At school, Hani meets Dong-chan and talks about her nightmare. Dong-chan apologizes for what happened because he feels responsible. When Hani says it’s not her fault, Dong-chan shows a picture of her mother and is surprised that Dong-chan is the same as her mother. Suddenly, the bullies come and make fun of Hani. But this time, Dong-chan defends her by saying that his father will come to pick him up. Pa-Do arrives and takes everyone to dinner, giving the gangster an important lesson. Words can sometimes hurt more than weapons and break someone’s heart. Chanyeon If Dongchan says thank you, it seems to work.

The hospital scene

the hospital scene

Hani arrives at the hospital to discover her parents are playing tricks. He asks Dae-oh at a meeting and gives her a checklist. If he answers yes to everything, she allows the condition to be the husband of the situation because she does not believe that the essential need a father. Hani says she wants her mother to live her life because she goes out with her and sees how happy she is with Dae-oh. She wants her mother to enjoy her life and is willing to give Dae Oh a chance to become a husband. When the two return home, I see Yeonwoo packing his things. A Jung stays out with him to thank him for his help now and in the past. She reads the letter to him in the room, confessing that she appreciates all his support and loves him.

The Evening Style

the evening time

Ms. Song and Reporter Na see Mr. Wang being assaulted by criminals in the evening. Reporter Na approaches the guy after the goons have left and demand money from him for the theft he has been carrying out. When Mr. Wang discloses that Dae-Oh is Ha-father’s, Nee’s Ms. Song is left debating what to do next.

A-Rin stops by Dae-hospital Oh’s room in the meanwhile to check on him. She informs him that she won’t be in the movie due to her emotions for him since he is delighted that she is still working on it. He finally understands her as she gets irritated and recalls her previous statements.

Dae-Oh sends Ae-Jeong a present at home that includes cosmetics for their next date. He drives her to the college they both attended in the morning. She becomes pretty emotional, and they have a lovely day reminiscing their school days and taking plenty of photos.

Episode Ending 

last episode

Ha-Nee also informs Dong-Chan that her quest for her father is done, but owing to the issue’s complexity. She is unsure whether Dae-Oh will be her father. Ha-Nee visits a forum about Ae-Jeong after Dong-Chan queries if the author has written any novels on him. She discovers an allegation that his book “Love is Nonexistent” is a hoax there.

The show’s last scene is Dae-Oh bringing Ae-Jeong to see the film they created together in the past. He says he wants to be there for her and Ha-Nee and has wanted to demonstrate this to her since he began feeling the same way for her again. He also says she is his first love, and he intends to make her his last.

Episode Review 

was it love review

It seems that there is still an obstacle in the way of the happiness of the condition before the final. Song did not play the last card as he prepared for revenge. Meanwhile, Jung-ae and Dae-oh are warm to see their first meeting at the old university. Han-Ni was one of the series’s best characters, and watching her grow through the episodes.

The scene with her mother was emotional, and sometimes she seemed to have matured for her age. Chaeyoung Um did a great job in her role and look forward to seeing her in more work. Was it love? It’s not the best K-drama of the year, but it’s not bad either. It could have been written better in the middle, but it has been done a little better in recent episodes. May the end be a suitable ending for our heroes and a happy ending worthy!