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Hans Rosenfeldt developed and wrote the Nordic noir criminal television series The Bridge. It aired in over 100 countries and was created and funded collaboratively by Sweden’s Sveriges Television and Denmark’s Danmarks Radio. The first series opens with the discovery of a corpse on the Danish-Swedish boundary, in the center of the Oresund Bridge, which connects Malmö and Copenhagen, prompting a joint investigation. Sofia Helin appears in all four seasons as Swedish police detective Saga Norén. Kim Bodnia portrays her Danish counterpart, Martin Rohde, in the first and second scenes, while Thure Lindhardt plays Henrik Sabroe in the third and fourth.

About the series: The Bridge

About the series The Bridge

An aging tanker deviates from its route, headed directly towards the Oresund Bridge, the site of the now-infamous murder that brought detectives Saga Norén (Sofia Helin) and Martin Rohde together for the first time (Kim Bodnia). The Malmö Coast Guard calls the tanker immediately, but there is no response; the call only haunts the ship’s bridge. When the Coast Guard eventually boards the boat, they find no crew except three Swedish and two Danish youngsters shackled below deck. Saga Norén of Malmö County Police is immediately assigned to the case. Still, because Danish victims are involved, she contacts her prior case colleague, Martin Rohde, and they begin their investigation into the enigmatic and challenging case.

Recap of The Bridge Season 3:

Recap of Season 3
Shortly later, Saga is notified that a preliminary hearing on her case has been arranged. Despite Linn’s assurance that it would not go any further, she fears that she will lose everything as a consequence. As the lights of an incoming train loom on the tracks, Henrik urgently attempts to persuade her out of it, arguing that he needs her skills to help him find his girls. When he tries to cross the track to her, Saga pulls out a revolver and commands him to back up before presumably walking into the path of an oncoming train. When it passes, Henrik notices that she has not gone through with it but has instead fallen to her knees a distance away and rushes over to console her as she sobs.

The plot of The Bridge Season 4:

plot of The Bridge Season 4
Saga Norén is released two years later, after spending more than a year in jail, following a retrial in which it was determined that there was reasonable doubt regarding her murdering her mother. Henrik Sabroe investigates the murder of Margarethe Thurmond, the director-general of the Immigration Service, who was stoned to death. Saga moved in with Henrik after losing her flat due to her incarceration and assignment to assist Henrik in solving the murder case. Her unresolved trauma from Hans’ murder, Emil’s abrupt suicide, and Marie-probe Louise’s into her, on the other hand, culminates in a panic attack while driving across the bridge, prompting her to enter counseling. Meanwhile, Henrik attends addicts’ sessions. There, he meets Kevin, a man who became paralyzed after jumping from the staircase.

How does The Bridge Season 4 end?

the end of the season 4
Brian gets out of his wheelchair and strikes Henrik when he turns around. He ties up Henrik and Astrid and begs Henrik to stand by as he plans to execute Astrid in retaliation for Tommy’s death. Brian shoots Henrik in the leg when he refuses. Henrik hears a gunshot and discovers that Brian has been killed. Saga pays Henrik a visit and informs him that she is leaving to pursue her interests but pledges to keep in contact, kissing him goodbye. On her journey back to Malmö, she pauses midway to toss her police badge into the water. When her phone calls, she only says her name. The show concludes with her driving back to Sweden.

The streaming details of The Bridge Season 4:

details of The Bridge Season 4
The first season was aired on Swedish SVT1 and Danish DR1 in the autumn of 2011 and on BBC Four in the spring of the following year. The second season was broadcast in the fall of 2013 in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland, and early 2014 in the United Kingdom, and the third season aired in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland in the autumn of 2015 and in the UK in November of the same year. The fourth season aired in the Nordic nations on January 1, 2018, and began airing weekly on BBC Two in the UK on May 11, 2018. “The Bridge – Season 4” is available for download via Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, and Sky Store.

That is unnoticed until a particular pair of keen eyes catches sight of it. Saga rushes to apprehend the teenagers, but she is too late. She arrives at Henrik’s house when he is away, only to run into Susanne, who had learned of the girls’ relationship with the friendly cop and followed them down as they attempted to seek sanctuary in the only safe place they knew. Saga interrogates her and is about to leave when she receives a phone call that confirms her mounting suspicions. Susanne shoots and abandons her on the street in a moment that will leave those of you who have been anticipating a catastrophe with your hearts in your mouths.