Upcoming release date of the web series Escaype Live Season 2

Escaype Live is a Hindi thriller web series directed and created by Siddharth Kumar Tewary. The series premiered on Disney + Hotstar in 2022 on the 20th of May. Siddharth Kumar Tewarywas is eventually known for making various mythological shows such as Mahabharata. The Escaype LiveSeason 2 will also wear a text thriller television web series which will release under the production house of one life studios. The web series genre is science fiction, and viewers can expect that there will be a Season 2 of this hit web series. There is no official announcement by the wildlife studios regarding Season 2 of the series, but it will be made soon.

Escaype Live Season 2 cast

Escaype Live Season 2 changes in the cast

No changes might be made in the lead cast of the Escape LiveSeason 2. Siddharth Singh plays the character of Krishna Rangaswamyin the series, and he will continue playing the same character in Season 2 of the web series. Javed Jafri represents the character of Ravi Gupta, and WaluschaDe Sousa plays the character of Gia Bose. Shweta Tripplac plays the character of sunaina in the series, and Aadya Sharma plays the role of Rani Singh, known as dance rani. PlabitaBorthakur and Rohit Chandel respectively play the character of Hina and Rajkumar. The lead cast of the series shall  continue playing their role in the Escaype Live Season 2.

Escaype Live Season 2 release date

Escaype Live Season 2 predicted release date

There is no official announcement by the production house regarding the release date of the Escaype LiveSeason 2. Season 2 of the web series will also be released on the Hotstar premium plan. In the first season, among nine episodes, seven were released on the 20th of May 2022, while the rest to We fired on the 27th of May 2022. The trailer of Season 2 might be released somewhere at the beginning of 2023, and the series will be on floors by the end of 2023 itself. The official news of the production house will make predicting the release date much more accessible.

Escaype Live Season 1

Escaype Live Season 1 overview

In Escaype Live Season 1, it was seen that the series followed and journey related to ordinary people competing for different fame and fortune on the social media app Escaype Live. It was a 30-day contest with a nearly three crores rice pull for the winner. The series dealt with social media’s harmful and dark effects combined with the different realities of human life. The show directly follows different developers of apps who are business oriented and can affect the emotions of the humans for the successfulness of their apps. On the other hand, it gives the message to the ordinary people who are getting affected by the harmful effects of social media.

Escape Live Season 2 plot

Escaype Live Season 2 predicted plot twists

Season 2 of the Escaype Live web series also consists of a similar plot related to the harmful effects of social media only. Much more plot twists and changes in the second chapter of the web series will be seen. In Season 2 of the Escaype Live web series, much more knowledge will be provided regarding the entertainment genre and the technology through the drama. As it was seen in the first edition of the series that it revolved around the application Escaype Live, this scenario will be continued in Season 2 of the Escaype live web series as well.

Escape Live Season 2 reviews

Escaype Live Season 2 reviews and ratings

The Escaype live Season 2 is supposed to briefly discuss the acceptance of transgender and the social inequality in society. The reviews and ratings of the first edition of the series were very exclusive when it is expected that the series’ second season will also be of different heights with fantastic music. The audience and the viewers are is eagerly waiting for the second season of the web series, and it is expected that it will have good ratings and reviews within the release of the series. Season one of the series got rated 3.0 from the critics and 4.1 from the audience.