Tyler Perry’s House of Payne All the Details you need to know about

This Tyler Perry-created and produced comedy centers on a multigenerational family that lives in a single Atlanta house. The head of the family and the fire department in the area is Curtis “Pops” Payne (LaVan Davis). He anticipates calm evenings with his wife, Ella. Because Pops’ adult son still lives with them and his nephew’s family also moves in, it doesn’t happen very often.

Although she lives in a house where the Payne men rule, Curtis’ wife, Ella, is loyal to her faith and the castle’s ruler. She is nurturing, whether it is through looking after her college-aged son Calvin or assisting wayward members of her family. Calvin constantly appears to be up to something, and it seems to revolve around gaining as much as possible at his parents’ place for nothing. Calvin’s parents are unsure whether he is still taking courses because of the frequent changes to his college class schedule.

CJ Payne, Curtis’ nephew, is a married father of two who moved in with his aunt and uncle when his wife accidentally burned down their house while under narcotics. His uncle raised C.J. after the loss of his father, but he finds it challenging to trust Curtis’ advice fully. Of course, his Uncle Curtis also serves as his superior at the fire station, which is not helpful. Jazmine, Malik, and the twins, Hayden and Jayden, move into the home with C.J.’s ex-girlfriend Janine, who overcame her addictions.

A seductive con artist named Miranda Lucas steals from Calin and Curtis at first. Later, she and Calvin begin dating, and they ultimately get married.

The people that work at the neighborhood barbershop are just as unique as the Payne family. Owner of the Barber Shop Floyd Jackson is an arrogant jerk. Bobbi Baker’s character Kiki is a straightforward barber, while Denyce Lawton’s character Dana Carter does nail. Zack, a white man who sometimes feels out of place, ultimately replaces Delante, another barber, who finally leaves the business.

Production background 

Production background 

The sitcom premiered in ten episodes mid-2006 on WPCH-TV in Atlanta and appeared on TBS in June 2007 with nine other national shows, with additional episodes available for national distribution. It was broadcast together in a limited series. TBS later commissioned 100 episodes. The cable record for the sitcom was broken on June 6, 2007, with 5.2 million and 5.8 million with two premieres on TBS. However, the number of spectators for the week ended September 30, 2007, was 4.3 million, up from 2,260 and 2,099 on May 19, 2007. The main cast, led by LaVan Davis, remains the same (except for Lance Gross).

 The original form of the series was C.J., located around. (Alan Payne) and his family move in with Aunt Ella (Cathy Davis) and Uncle Curtis (Ravan Davis). As C.J. began to meet, Robin Leigh played the main character of Malik and Jazmin, Nicole Jamison, in seasons 1-2. Rochelle Eats initially portrayed Nicole Jamieson as Malick’s math teacher in a test pilot episode. During the trial, Ella and Curtis were originally C.J.’s parents. His name is Curtis Jr., but in T.V. format, Calvin was their son and C.J. Their cousin, and his name was changed to Clarence. Despite his top spot, Allen Payne is not considered a significant character in the series due to his long absence in season five. The show was recorded live in front of a studio audience, but occasionally a piece of laughter was used.

The cast of House of Payne

cast of house of payne

  • LaVan Davis (Curtis Payne)
  • Cassi Davis (Ella Payne)
  •  Lance Gross (Calvin Payne)
  • Allen Payne (C.J. Payne)
  • Larramie Doc Shaw (Malik Payne)

House of Payne was one of the most well-liked television programs to appear in a while. The program debuted in 2006 and quickly became one of the most well-liked ones broadcast then. An extended family that lives under one roof and spans multiple generations was the subject of the whole screenplay. Most of the episodes focused on the hardships and tribulations people face daily. Still, they did it with a twist and a unique style of humor that made it entertaining even when viewers could connect to the problem.

Did Janine pass away in the 10th season finale of House of Payne?

is jannie dead

Fans of House of Payne are curious about what transpired after the last season ended on a cliffhanger. Finally, the Payne family was getting ready for supper to celebrate Janine’s homecoming. But before Janine arrived, a police officer rapped on the door. Fans speculate that the police may have been there to inform the Payne family that Janine had passed away, even though nothing was heard. Ella’s apparent tears after hearing some news from Lisa added fire to the rumors.

Whether Janine passed away in the program is still a mystery. Furthermore, Tyler Perry did not provide information about the show’s 11th season; therefore, it is impossible to know whether Janine passed away. But for now, all fans can do is wait for a new season if the producers decide to bring I

Filming Location of House of Payne

filming location

Our location in Atlanta, Georgia, includes Payne’s house, a fire station across from Payne’s house, a barber shop, a care center, and the school Malik and Jazmin attend. Payne’s house is a one-story building with five rooms in a row. Curtis and Ella’s bedroom, Malik and Jazmin’s typical bedroom, living room (which Calvin owned before he moved), kitchen and living room, and an outdoor terrace. Calvin’s room, C.J., And Janine will never be seen again.

The only part of the fire department visible in the room is the living room. The Fire Department and its characters were gradually eliminated in seasons 3 and 4. Barbering is a setting frequently used in seasons 2-5, similar to the movie Ice Cube’s Barbershop. He added Miranda and Calvin’s apartment. The living room was the only room visible. House of C.J. and Janine are another set added to the series. The kitchen and living room were always in the cell. None of the bedrooms were presented. The university where Malik studied recently opened and several directions were given. And the C.J. office adds another set to the series he and Janine are working on. The help center where Ella works is also displayed in various forms.