Top 7 Mahjong Sets for Passing Time on Amazon

Popular with fans of board games such as chess and dominoes, Mahjong is a board game that appeared in China over 2,000 years ago. Usually played at a dedicated mahjong table, the purpose of this game for four players is simple. Make all the pieces in sets of 4 before other players. Along with other essential parts, such as the dice and the pusher, these plates are usually wrapped in complete sets of Mahjong, such as the seven sets discussed below.

Yellow Mountain Imports Professional Chinese Mahjong Game Set

This set from Yellow Mountain Imports uses traditional Chinese characters and iconography to make it one of our favorite conventional choices.

This mahjong set includes 146 durable scratch-resistant and lightweight melamine boards and a dice and wind indicator. Packed in a small plastic case, you can enjoy games on the go.

Users love the high quality and durability of the parts so you can use this set for a long time. The characters are drawn on the plates, so you don’t have to worry about them being erased, prolonging their life even more. The storage box has a handle for easy portability and provides an easy and efficient way to store and organize all your parts. Note: Lathes and pushers must be purchased separately.

Thai Crafted Mahjong Set by Verve CULTURE

Unlike many other mahjong sets on this list, this set from Verve Culture, a women’s company that manages homemade crafts from local artisans, features wooden tiles. Exquisite tiles and wooden boxes are handmade by Thai craftsmen. This mahjong set combines functionality and design. Each tile has a Chinese symbol called Simple, Honor, or Bonus.

New! – American Mahjong Set by Linda Li

This set is suitable for American players. It has 166 durable, scratch-resistant melamine boards, including six spare boards (both Joker and blank).

The set includes dice, players, money chips, shelves, and two-purpose pushers. The complete set comes with a tiled tray with a lid, a tray and pusher cover, and a printed carrying case, which comes in various styles for easy portability. Also, if you are relatively new to the game, you will appreciate the instruction booklet, which contains a lot of information about the rules and strategies of the game.

White Swan White/Burgundy Mahjong Set

If you like all of our top choices except color, then a white/burgundy alternative to White Swan might be what you are looking for. Like the Blue Shell variety, it is built to excellent quality standards. The sturdy aluminum body has a soft felt lining to protect all parts well. Like many high-quality mahjong sets, the 166 boards are made of melamine, a durable, environmentally friendly, and virtually indestructible plastic-like material. Spare parts, chips, bettors, and rules are all standard with supports and pushers for individual plates. All in all, it is a quality product that deserves to be added to any game room.

Mose Cafolo Professional Chinese Mahjong Set X-Large 

The second cheapest Mahjong set on this list; this option includes everything you need for a traditional game. Arabic numerals and Chinese characters are engraved on 144 high-quality melamine tiles. The large and robust boards offer an optimal gaming experience and make your character recognizable at a glance. The set has a travel box and game instructions (in English).


The best budget sets on our list come from USAMJTABLE, the brand that brought our favorite mahjong tables, backgammon tables, and other game sets. The red canvas bag does not have the aesthetic attraction of more expensive sets, but its light design compensates for the lack of durability.

The inner plates are all made to good standards and come with convenient support that will fit almost in the bag after use. Elsewhere, the four plastic push rods are more resistant to damage than they seem at first glance. They also come in a variety of bright colors, which makes them a great way to introduce play to younger children. As expected, the dice, chips, jokers, and players are all the same and exactly the same as the rules to follow. If you have always wanted to play mahjong, but most sets have been postponed due to the high price, this budget option should be on your shopping list.

Yellow Mountain Imports American Mahjong Set, Classic Royale 

This set from Young Mountain Imports contains 166 boards so you can play with either American or Chinese Mahjong rules. It is ideal for anyone new to Mahjong and is interested in learning both versions. The plates are made of melamine and engraved with Chinese characters and Arabic numerals, which can be helpful even for new audiences unfamiliar with the characters. The set has a wooden shelf with pushers, other essential accessories such as dice and wind indicators, and an illustrated guide to help new players understand the rules and strategies.