This Telugu Web Series has Raised Benchmarks for South:Kudi Yedamithe

Kudi Yedamaithe is a Telugu Indian science fiction fantasy web series created by Ram Vignesh and directed by Pawan Kumar. It was produced by People Media Factory for Aha. The eight-episode series stars Amala Paul and Rahul Vijay. The title is taken from the song of the same name from the 1953 film Devadasu. It premiered on Aha on July 16, 2021.

What is the story of Kudi Yedamithe?

about Kudi Yedamite story

Rahul Vijay plays Aadi, an ambitious actor who earns money working as a delivery man. Durga (Amala Paul) is conducting criminal investigations for the Khairatabad police. He is investigating the abduction of the city’s youth and is working to protect the next victim. Aadi and Durga continue to tell the day’s events, focusing on the story’s core. 

What’s the Cast of Kudi Yedamithe?

cast of Kudi Yedamite

  • Amala Paul in the role of CI Durga Goud
  • Rahul Vijay in the role of Aditya “Adi”
  • Mahendra is played by Ravi Prakash.
  • Surya Srinivas as Thilak Surya, SI
  • Arjun is played by Pradeep Rudra.
  • Harsha is played by Pawan Kumar.
  • Parvathy is played by Nithya Shri.
  • Raju Madiraju
  • Abhinav’s assistant director is Ram Sandeep Varma.
  • Yadagiri is played by Naveen Itika.
  • Meera is played by Meghalekha.
  • Short film director Karthik Sabareesh
  • Lakshman is played by Meesam Suresh.
  • James is played by Eshwar Rachiraju.

Okay! What are the advantages?

advantages Kudi Yedamite

One of the show’s thieves is the young actor Rahul Vijay Kudi Yedamaite, who plays a positive role in the series. It has a lot of options for this series. Rahul wakes up in the same situation again, but he has to accept a new expression every time. This allows him to capture the most beautiful moments.

Amala Paul plays a cop who has a drinking problem. The series’s protagonist seems a little creepy initially, but he resists well until the end. The consistency of his research is always remarkable. Every new supporting actor succeeds.

The show is fun, with an excellent narration in the first two episodes. The transmission clarifies the value of the director and the night effect. Both the faces of the kidnappers and the way they fight crime are unique.

And minus ones?

demerits of Kudi Yedamite

One of the biggest challenges is how the story is told. Data is often marked and clearly marked on paper with various operations. But it made no sense for a director to spend so much time filming the same sequence four times. The program lacks an emotional component either because they have committed a crime or because the police cannot investigate every aspect of the case. I did not repeat this moment because the script was so unique. The connection between Aadi’s characters and Durga is poorly explained and explains why it is inefficient in circulation. The series begins after episodes 4 and 5 and focuses only on the last three episodes.

Cast performance of Kudi Yedamithe

Cast performances in series

When it comes to the show, Rahul Vijay steals the show. She shows off her outstanding acting skills and stands out in repeated scenes. The expression is particularly remarkable. Amala Paul does her best for her perfect role. Ravi Prakash easily fulfils his role, although he has few rules.

Amala and Rahul remain the epicentre of all, but the rest of the cast offers everything. BGM plays a significant role in these thrillers, and music composer Poornachandra Tejaswi justified the heightened racism of the story. Filming and other technical issues help the series. 

My review of Kudi

reviews on Kudi

Kudi Yedamithe struggles with a few unanswered questions. The show ended with an argument over Amala Paul’s past, but it didn’t have the impact it deserved. Sometimes the logic remains. Kudi Yedamaite has an unresolved question. The program ended with an argument over Amala Paul’s story but did not have the desired effect. Logic sometimes takes second place. Viewers don’t get information about why Adi and Durga are stuck in a time loop. The story of Adi and Durga caught in a time loop has not been revealed.