The Wait is Here: Marvel Comics Armor Wars Release Date

“Armor Wars” is a Marvel Comics seven Iron Man story written by David Michelinie and Bob Layton by Mark D. Bright and Barry Windsor-Smith. While “Armor Wars” is the popular name for the storyline and the title of the paperback collection, the actual story is referred to in the issues as “Stark Wars.” The term “Armor Wars” was inspired by the fact that the storyline was advertised in other Marvel titles. The plot was plotted by David Michelinie and Bob Layton, with art by Mark Bright, and it ran throughout Iron Man, though much of the groundwork for the story itself occurred during Iron Man. Iron Man is confronted by the Spymaster, who robs Stark technology.

The Cast of Armor Wars:

Cast of Armor Wars

So far, Don Cheadle has been confirmed to play James Rhodes in Armor Wars. The last time we saw them in the MCU was in a cameo role in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, where he discussed what it meant to wield the iconic shield with Sam Wilson. Rhodey was still mourning the death of his best friend, Tony. The series’ title alludes to the comic book arc, implying that Justin Hammer will appear. Hammer was last seen in Iron Man and had been begging for a return. Sharon Carter, who appeared in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, is also rumored to appear in the show.

The Crew of Armor Wars:

Crew of Armor Wars
Don Cheadle confirmed in January 2011 that a War Machine film was in the works. Joe Robert had been hired to write the script for the film. Cheadle started in April 2019 that Cole’s hand featured “a lot of tension between his job as a man and to the code that he swore an oath to uphold, versus the changing world.” During Disney’s 2020 Investor Day on December 10, 2020, Kevin Feige announced that an Armor Wars television series was developing for Disney+, with Don Cheadle reprising his Marvel Cinematic Universe role of James Rhodes/War Machine. In an interview on February 3, 2021, Don Cheadle revealed that Tony Stark’s death would play a significant role in the series.

Armor Wars Release Date:

Armor Release Date
The series is a continuation of Avengers: Endgame. The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s twenty-fifth television series. Marvel Studios is producing the series, which will be available on Disney+. Unfortunately, we don’t know when Armor Wars will be released. We know that Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk will be released in 2022. According to The Direct, filming will begin in October/November of this year, putting the show on track for a 2023 release date. Armor Wars will be available exclusively on Disney Plus. You can sign up for Disney+ on their website. You can also see what other Marvel content is available on the platform.

How Does the Plot Begin? (Stark Wars)

How Does the Plot Begin
Iron Man returns to Stark Enterprises after completing a training session to impress a general. When Tony examines Force’s armor, he discovers that it is based partly on his designs, which were stolen before his current Iron Man armor was created. Tony finds that the Spymaster sold Tony’s designs to his rival Justin Hammer. Iron Man pursues the Stilt-Man, trying to break into a high-rise office building. Iron Man then fights the Controller, whom he knocks unconscious in front of a crowd and negates his armor. Tony intends to kill every armored warrior suspected of having his designs if he cannot reclaim his technology through legal means.

How does the Plot End? (Reborn Again)

How Does the Plot end
Weeks later, Firepower attacks Stark Enterprises’ San Francisco headquarters, only to be met by the “new” Iron Man. Iron Man defeats Firepower after a lengthy battle, but during the fight, Iron Man damages Firepower’s backpack, which was carrying a neutron bomb. Iron Man dupes Firepower into disabling the bomb by claiming he cannot “rescue” him in time from his armor. However, he immediately reveals the ruse by tearing Jack out of the armor. Enraged by the deception, Firepower claims to be Stark’s “new” bodyguard. Tony was glad to get a good night’s sleep that night, mirroring the reality that he will continue as Iron Man due to the issues that only Iron Man can handle, and he goes to sleep, the plot’s finale.

In the issue “What If Iron Man Lost The Armor Wars,” Justin Hammer still manages to obtain Stark Technology. Scott Lang passes out from the knock-out gas while gathering information on who has the stolen technology and is apprehended by Justin Hammer’s men. When Tony Stark dons his Iron Man armor, Justin Hammer takes control of it and manipulates it to reveal his identity and places a mind-control collar on him when Scott Lang and his daughter Cassandra are shown to be his hostages. Justin Hammer then orders Tony Stark to destroy Stark Enterprise, putting James Rhodes in a coma and revealing his identity to the press. After removing the armor and collar, Tony Stark shaved his mustache and dyed his hair yellow.