Survivor Series 2021: All the highlights You missed

The Survivor Series is a live professional wrestling event organized annually since 1987 by WWE, the largest professional wrestling promotion in the world. This November’s event is the longest pay-per-view (PPV) event in history, after WWE’s flagship event, WrestleMania. In addition to PPV, the event has been broadcast on the WWE Network since 2014 and Peacock since 2021. 

It is also considered one of the top 5 events of the year, also known as the “Big Five,” along with WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, and Money in the Bank. The event is traditionally marked by hosting a Survivor Series match, a team elimination match in which teams of four or five fighters compete

Roman Reigns defeated the Big E

Roman Reigns achievements

It was the culmination of a tremendous Roman reign, but it was not one of its best. Maybe you remember Edge and Reigns’ Money in the Bank match. It was a battle-like problem. The first 7-10 minutes felt slow and useless. Overall, it’s okay, but as I mentioned earlier, the match didn’t have the typical electric atmosphere of the main Reigns event, as the crowd tonight was quieter than usual.

By the way, his match, as always, was extended. About 15 minutes later, Big E bypassed Superman Punch but was caught by Rock Bottom and picked up a “Rocky” song from the crowd. Then Reigns defeated Big E with 3 Superman Punches and put the spear on, but Big E took the Hulk to cut him.

Great Match. On the other hand, Big E, who just jumped from the middle of the card to become the world champion, was decisively defeated by Hill Reigns. That’s not good for Big E’s credibility, but Reigns is a colossal investment for WWE, so it’s to be expected.

Usos lost to RK-Bro

Usos lost to RK-Bro

Red Brand RK-Bro defeated The Usos in the confrontation between the champions Raw and SmackDown Tag Team. It was a great match, with an excellent ending. Jimmy Uso tried to hit the ropes on Riddle but received an RKO in the air.

There was a nice fake finish in which Riddle was stunned with a superkick on both sides of Riddle’s head when Usos hit Randy Orton with a double superkick and then went to his knees. It looked like Usos would win, but Riddle pulled the plug.

25-Man Battle Royal

battle royal

As AJ Styles left the ring and clung to the table of the skulls, Omos quickly started to score. R-Truth also left the ring and took a slice of pizza from a Pizza Hut box around the belt and the road, which he used to lure Omos and Otis. After a while, Otis was destroyed by Omos. The eliminations continued at a fast pace, including the representative of Omos, who dominated the game as a giant of the game. Styles eventually entered the match but was eliminated when Commander Aziz stopped him and dragged him off the top rope. The game went to Street Profits, Cesaro, Ricochet, and Omos. Omos retaliated 4-1 for victory before repairing Cesaro and making Ricochet’s quick action.

Omos eliminated 12 of the remaining 24 in the game. After the match, The Profits attacked those who stopped, eating pizza and throwing pieces into the crowd. Battle Royale can be an excellent game, but I pay homage to WWE, who went to the old school with a dominant mogul and somehow turned the match into an advertisement for Pizza Hut. Omos won a Battle Royale with 25 players.

Team Raw’s Seth Rollins triumphs in the Survivor Series 

seth rollins triumphs in Survivor Series 

In this match, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Austin Theory, Kevin Owens, and Lashley (Team Raw) face Drew McIntyre, Happy Corbin, Jeff Hardy, Xavier Woods, and Sheamus (Team SmackDown). Seth Rollins defeated Jeff Hardy of SmackDown to win the Raw title.

McIntyre is tagged leading to the Lashley-McIntyre match. It was an incredible few minutes in which the men hit hard and came out. Lashley pushes McIntyre’s head into the turntable, but McIntyre hits back. However, while the two were fighting, McIntyre and Lashley were both amazed and amazed. McIntyre spent time with Lashley with Claymore. Rollins mocked McIntyre and ate a Glasgow kiss about his troubles before McIntyre listened to him.

The last three were Hardy from the SmackDown team against Theory and Rollins. After Sheamus defeated Hardy, Rollins immediately tried a Frog Splash and received a double count. The crowd applauded and applauded Hardy. This sentiment was amplified when Hardy published the theory after the Swanton Bomb, resulting in Rollins vs. Hardy.