Should You Watch Midnight at the Pera Palace ?: The complete guide

The episode of the Netflix series Brockmire’s Midnight in Pera Palace takes place in two very contrasting Istanbul: the current center of the Middle East and the Ottoman capital of 1919. Charles King’s non-fiction book, Midnight in Pera Castle. , by original producers Emre Sahin, Kelly McPherson, and Sam Anzel:

Hazal Kaya plays in a historical fiction drama based on the Birth of modern Istanbul as a 21st-century journalist and avid fan of Agatha Christie. The latter reluctantly travels back 100 years and unintentionally changes the course of history, as I discovered after the accidental rupture of a small piece of the space-time continuum ouch. Seasons 1-3 are now available. 

Story of Midnight at the Pera Palace

plot of midnight at the pera place

There are also apartments in Istanbul. Several Agatha Christie books are stacked on a shelf. Esra (Kaya) struggles to keep things organized. He was late for work. A great storm arises and develops in the sky. He gets into a taxi and hurries to the conference room, where his editor begins assigning tasks without himself. Esra is a journalist who tries to write meaningful stories but often has to write nonsense. Maybe because he’s a little angry, he is a follower who asks for less but always returns too much. He said he read too many books with Agatha Christie.

In any case, Esra publishers are asking for 130 reasons to stay at the landmark of the Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul to celebrate its 130th anniversary. If that sounds absurd, it’s because the publishers worked on a very desperate local news site, which burdened writers with such fantastic ideas. Ezra was happy that the famous book “You Know” was recorded. Not EL James. Another famous writer. A man wrote a story about a man who died on a train in Ferra Palace # 411 almost 100 years ago.

Where can I see Midnight at Pera Palace?

where can i watch it

The famous book “Charles King” inspired Midnight at Pera Castle. This series shows the formation of modern Turkey. Dedicated to all those who helped make today’s Turkey a beautiful country.

The new Netflix series, Midnight in the Fairy’s Castle, was released on Thursday. The show explores some of Turkey’s most important historical periods, focusing on lesser-known characters and events. The series’ name also captures the viewer’s attention and conveys the idea that it can be watched with interest. You can watch it on Netflix.

Actors and characters

actors of midnight


  • Hazal Kaya as Esra/Peride


  • Tansu Biçer as Ahmet


  • Selahattin Paşalı as Halit


  • Engin Hepileri as Reşat


  • Hakan Dinçkol as Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


  • Yasemin Szawlowski as Sonia


  • James Chalmers as George


  • Ahmet Varlı as Dimitri


  • Nergis Öztürk as Eleni


  • Osman Albayrak as Naim Efendi


  • Ergün Metin as Fahrettin


  • Clare Louise Frost as Agatha Christie

Beliefs and Trailer

midnight Beliefs and Trailer

Esra, played by Hazal Kaya, is a young journalist who visits a luxury hotel to write an article. Before the renovation, this hotel was a palace. While exploring the hotel, Ezra takes a step back when he discovers that the castle’s 411 gates are linked to 1919. What happens when you travel in time? Learn more by watching Netflix shows. There are no trailers for the TV series, but Netflix has offered an official teaser. See similar information above.

My streaming recommendations

suggestions to watch

The first 40 minutes of Pera Castle are full of action and turning the pages. The angry protagonist processes our perception of reality and creates a parallel world as it moves. He’s not that crazy because he wants to do some serious work without writing quasi-journalism, but there are indications that he’s the only one who prefers to spend time alone with his books. His awkward social attitude and the wonder of his big eyes are the main features that make him attractive.

There’s a lovely character, Selahattin Pasali’s love for the runaway character, Ahmed’s clever Kenobi, who slowly gets his hands on him in a return-to-future style, and a lot of stupid intrigues. The stakes of one of the most critical events in Turkey’s modern history are light but not very important. You will often have fun.