Know About this Stand-Up Comedian: Mike Epps

Michael Elliot Epps is a famous American stand-up comedian, entertainer, film producer, writer and rapper. It was recognized enough to sign Day-Day Jones and was born on November 18, 1970, in Indianapolis, Indiana, to Tommy Epps and Mary Epps. He has eight siblings. As a child, his parents recognized and encouraged his talent. He was always joking and sometimes joking. He once spent time as a joke at the juvenile delinquent centre. He glued the hands of one of his friends with super glue. The show’s “Next Friday” and “Friday After” episodes appeared as “Black Doug” on The Hangover. He was Boog’s lead singer in Open Season 2. In 2010, Mike Epps was the executive producer of a documentary about Tupac Shakur’s retired army life. He is known as a singer and rapper. He has appeared in many hit songs.

What is Mike Epps’s Net Worth?

Mike Epps wealth

Mike Epps is a $5 million net worth American comedian, actor, producer, musician, and rap artist. Mike Epps is most known for his work on Ice Cube’s Friday series and his stand-up performance on the Def Comedy Jam tour.

The early life of Mike Epps 

mike epps early life

On November 18, 1970, Michael Elliot Epps was born in Indianapolis. Mary Reed and Tommy Epps are his parents. His comedic skills were nurtured at an early age. Epps began singing as a teenager. Before moving to Atlanta, Epps moved to Brooklyn to work in a comedy theatre.

Film Carrer of Mike Epps

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Mike Epp moved to Brooklyn in 1995 to join the Def Comedy Jam tour. He has participated in two episodes of Def Comedy Jam on HBO. These characteristics helped them start their comedy careers and become more famous. Vin Diesel’s directing debut was his first film appearance., Lost. He has since been cast as Ice Cube’s co-star in Next Friday, the second film in the Friday franchise. He auditioned for the role of Day-Day Jones after Ice Cube invited him to try out one of his stand-up acts. 

 He returned to his role as Day-Day Jones next Friday. The same year, he worked with Ice Cube in the movie “All in Benjamins”. Other films he worked in in the late 1990s/early 2000s include How High, with Method Adam and Redman; “3 hits”; “Ace” supports Jamie Foxx. And Doctor Dolittle 2. where he played Sonny Bear. He also voiced Bug, another bear character in Open Season 2.

Personal Life Mike Epps

mike epps personal life

Mike Epps is married to Kyra Robinson, producer of Iyanla: Fix My Life and CEO of OWN Network. They married in Newport Beach, California, in June 2019. He was previously married to Michelle McCain from 2006 to 2017. Epps has three children with McCain and a fourth child from a previous relationship.

Sources of Income for Mike Epps

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Mike Epps is a versatile performer. He earns a consistent living through his movies, TV shows, and music roles. His stand-up comedy appearances are his primary source of income. He also makes a respectable living through his work in movies, television, and music.