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On January 27, 2019, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries debuted Mystery 101. The 2021 season of the 120-minute, scripted crime/mystery television series Mystery 101 is now airing. Sundays at 21:00, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries broadcast Mystery 101.

The 2022 season of Mystery 101 has not yet been revealed. The choice to renew or cancel Mystery 101 has not yet been made by Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Given the primarily good ratings for the current 2021st season, the consensus of critics and spectators, and Mystery 101’s total score on IMDb, as well as television ratings and reviews on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, it seems that Mystery 101 Season 2022 is scheduled to air.

To find out the most current status of the program, go to the Mystery 101 official page on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries website. We will update this page as soon as the Mystery 101 release date or current status is known. 

Sword Art Online Progressive, Volume 1

Sword art online 1

Yuuki was an honorary student who went to boarding school and was preparing for high school entrance exams, but that was until she borrowed her brother’s virtual reality game system and was locked into Sword Art Online with 10,000 other players. Horror. Asuna fears what will happen to her life outside of the fantasy world. Failure can be seen in the eyes of colleagues and parents. Not wanting to wait for experienced players to master the game, Asuna uses her learning habits to learn the game’s mechanics and the sword’s skills. Her speed impresses the professional player Kirito, who encourages Asuna to join the ranks of top players. Is Asuna willing to change player ranks for class ranks and join Kirito?

Sword Art Online Progressive, Volume 2

sword art online volume 2

The party is rocked when its leader, Diavel, is killed by the first-floor boss. The harsh truth of their predicament is finally revealed to Asuna and her teammates: Death in Sword Art Online is final; it’s not just a game. The surviving warriors start to lose hope after their commander’s defeat and make plans to flee. However, the battle must continue if they are to leave this virtual reality, and in his last moments, Diavel was able to name Kirito as the new leader.

Sword Art Online Progressive, Volume 3

sword art online volume 3

Asuna planned to have a player-controlled blacksmith update her prized blade, a rare Wind Fleuret, after reaching the second level of Aincrad. Still, when the unthinkable occurred, the weapon was broken in the endeavor, and Kirito suspected foul play. Did the blacksmith accidentally ruin a priceless object? Is there a way to get it back if not? How can they be stopped before they sow too much doubt if there truly is a conspiracy of thieves? The game of death is already quite nasty.

Sword Art Online Progressive, Volume 4

sword art online volume 4

The struggle against the second-level boss of Sword Art Online starts as Nezha tries to atone for his wrongdoings. Kirito’s tense alliance with the other front-runners seems to be holding, but what will happen when the floor boss confronts them? Can Nezha step up to the plate and claim a hero’s reward?

Sword Art Online Progressive, Volume 5

sword art online volume 5

It’s time for the third level of the “genuine” SAO! When Kirito and Asuna run into the beginning of the Elf War quest, they have hardly even left the house. They choose a route that will test them more than ever when they join the powerful dark elf Kizmel. But when they work together, nothing can stop them, right?

Sword Art Online Progressive, Volume 6

sword art online volume 6

The war of the elves continues, focusing on Kirito and Asuna. The forest elves are looking for the secret key of the dark elf, but what is the end? Kirito tries to keep his distance, but he can’t disappoint Asuna. Kizmel should just be an NPC, right? But why do you look so human? 

Morte, a mystery player, has convinced human guilds to take part on BOTH sides of the Elf War. Asuna has a crucial assignment of her own to do to finish this mission before it becomes fatal while Kirito challenges him to a fight. She must obtain the war plans from the Forest Elves. Before someone loses their life, the battle must end forever.