Know about the details of Little League Baseball World Series 2022

The Little League (Baseball) World Series is a baseball tournament for 11, 12 and 13-year-olds in limited circumstances. The name of the Major League Baseball World Series. It first took place in 1947 and takes place every August in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA. (The organization’s mailing address is in Williamsport, but the stadium complex is in South Williamsport.) Initially, it was only played between US teams, as in the Major League World Series, but now it really bears his name and serves as an existing world tournament. . Tournaments have become especially popular in the United States, where regional tournament series and matches are broadcast on NBC.

What is the qualification for the Little League World Series? 

qualification for the Little League World Series

The 2022 qualifiers for the Little League World Series will take place from February to August 20, 2022, in 10 US and 10 international locations. Because only US teams participate, international regions will be able to participate in the tournament after 2021. Corona 19 Pandemic.

There have never been 20 teams in the Little League World Series. States were moved from other territories to create two new territories (subway and mountain) in the United States. Puerto Rico, Panama and Cuba are the international starting points of the cycling route. The third team will have the opportunity to participate in the regular regional tournament, and two teams from each of the three countries will automatically advance to the LLWS. The two teams that automatically qualify for 2022 are Panama and Puerto Rico. Cuba will compete in the Caribbean in 2022 but will have to participate in direct qualifiers in 2023 and 2024.

What is the World Series Tournament Format?

World Series Tournament Format

There are presently 16 teams competing in the Minor League World Series. Eight in the US and eight elsewhere. Teams located mostly in the United States played in an 8:1 qualifying system from the event’s inception in 1947 until 1956. In 1952 and 1953, the Canadian team participated in games.

Regional qualifiers were introduced in 1957, and the tournament represented the southern United States, but the first champion outside the United States was Monterrey; Mexico was added in 1958 as a new international sector. From 1962 to 2000, the tournament featured eight teams from four US regions and four international regions.

Celebrating 75 years of the LLBWS

Celebrating 75 years of the LLBWS

August marks the 75th anniversary of the Little League Baseball World Series. Additionally, Little League International has published a 75-part As part of the celebration, a multimedia series covering the important turning points, memories, and people that make LLBWS the best game of all time. . world sports events. From now until LLBWS 2022, which takes place between August 17-28, Little League will focus its campaigns on four main areas of content creation.

Team hosting LLBWS

Team hosting LLBWS

  • Great Lakes Region: Ron Frick, Mike Lundy 
  • Metro Region: Frank Missigman, Walt Reed 
  • Mid-Atlantic Region: Scott Metzger, Jamie Foster
  • Midwest Region: Carol Zysset, Miki Aso 
  • Mountain Region: Pete Lupacchino , Josh Lupacchino 
  • New England Region: Cherie’ Rogers, Jim Scott 
  • Northwest Region: Tom Rachael, Matt Burrows 
  • Southeast Region: Marlin Cromley, Chuck DeLuca 
  • Southwest Region: Chris Long, Bernie LaBelle
  • West Region: Terry Parker  Dayl McClintock 
  • Asia-Pacific Region: Lou Cromley, Jamie Flick 
  • Australia Region: Jeff Tompkins, Van Ransom 
  • Canada Region: Denny Loner, Lynn Datres 
  • Caribbean Region: Ryan Cioffi, JJ Manikowski 
  • Europe and Africa Region: Rick Smith, Rob Stetts 
  • Japan Region: Willy Weber, Gary Whiteman 
  • Latin America Region: Gary Weaver, Doug Alexander 
  • Mexico Region: Larry Missigman, Keith Johnson 
  • Panama Region: Jim Kriner , Bruce Sechrist
  • Puerto Rico Region: Joe Girio , Lee Miller 
  • Utility Hosts: George Girio, Mike Miller, Phil Sunderland