Is Helluva Boss available on Netflix?

American adult animated online series Helluva Boss was produced by Vivienne “VivziePop” Medrano. It centers on the escapades of the assassination firm I.M.P. personnel in Hell. The first episode of the program’s first season, SpindleHorse Toons produced, was published on October 31, 2020, while the pilot aired on November 25, 2019. As with past cartoons, Medrano hosted the first season exclusively on her YouTube channel. On November 13, 2021, it was announced that the program had been renewed for a second season, which would debut on July 30, 2022

Story of Helluva Boss

 helluva boss story

The I.M.P. employees, who work for a murder-in-hell company managed by kidnappers, are followed throughout the series as they do various tasks. The leader of the business, Blitzo (pronounced “Blitz”), power plant Millie, weapons expert Moxxie, and receptionist Hellhound Loona are the I.M.P. members. They enter the human world to carry out their missions at the command of the demons of Hell using an old book they bought from Stolas, a Goetial demon of Hell.

The show has a different cast of characters and a different storyline than Hazbin Hotel, another show created by Medrano, despite being set in the same universe. As Medrano described it, while both shows share the same setting, Helluva Boss follows “characters and society that already exist in hell,” focusing on the interpersonal relationships between the characters. At the same time, Hazbin Hotel deals with redemption and consequences.

Cast of Helluva 

cast of helluva boss

Main Cast


  • Blitzo, played by Brandon Rogers


  • As Blitzo, Michael Romeo Ruocco (singing voice)


  • As Blitzo, Mason Blomberg (young)


  • Moxxie, played by Richard Horvitz


  • As Millie, Vivian Nixon (main series)


  • As Millie, Erica Lindbeck

Principal Supporting Cast

  • Kingdom of Ars Goetia


  • Stolas, played by Bryce Pinkham (main series)


  • Stolas is Brock Baker (pilot)


  • As Octavia, Barrett Wilbert Weed


  • As Octavia, Juliana Sada (young)

Where to watch Helluva Boss?

where to see helluva boss

Over 100 million people have seen the indie cartoon hit Helluva Boss on YouTube. It was produced by Spindlehorse Toons, a division of Medrano’s firm, which previously worked on the animated version of his webcomic ZooPhobia – “Bad Luck Jack” and the Hazbin Hotel. The show’s popularity can be seen in the fact that individuals who have previously worked on the front and the Hazbin Hotel have begun their now in-production cartoons, including the horror and dark comedy Satina and Far-Fetched. Sadly, none of the O.T.T. platforms allow you to see it.

Awards and pieces of music

Awards for helluva boss

Episodes of Helluva Boss were nominated for an Ursa Major Award last year in the category of Best Dramatic Series, which honors works—whether literary, television, or other—that are associated with the furry community. Even while some people would avoid Helluva Boss because of its explicit sexual content, foul language, or violent scenes, I’d say it’s one of the greatest shows presently airing, particularly when it comes to animated shows, Hazbin Hotel or not.

In addition, music is such an important part of the show; Medrano even works with a recording company to distribute and sing! Medrano said he was influenced by musicals and music and cited Disney movies as one of those influences. The series consists of eight episodes in the first season, but Medrano described it as part of a “much bigger season.”