Here are the Top 10 Films of Lesley Manville That You Cant Miss!

Leslie Ammanville CBE, born March 12, 1956, is a British actress known for her frequent collaborations with Mike Leigh, the films “Adult”, “High Hope”, “Secrets & Lies”, and “Topsy-Turby” (Topsy- Turvy). ), “All or Nothing”, “Vera Drake”., Another Year and Turner were nominated for two Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of her in Another Year and Phantom Thread and was a Best Supporting Actress nominee for the Academy Awards.

Let Him Go (2021)

let him go

Let Him Go is the 2020 American New Western film starring Diane Lane and Kevin Costner. Directed, written and co-produced by Thomas Bezcha, this work is based on Larry Watson’s 2013 novel of the same name. A veteran deputy (Costner) and his spouse are the subjects of the movie (Lynn) trying to save their grandchildren from a dangerous out-of-the-ordinary family. Lesley Manville, Kylie Carter, Will Brittain and Jeffrey Donovan are seen. The Day Everything Changed premiered in the US by Focus Features on November 6, 2020. The movie was favourably appreciated and made more than $11.6 million.

Misbehaviour (2020)

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Incorrect behaviour is a 2020 British comedy film directed by Philippa Lowthorpe from the Screenplay of the Chiappe and Rebecca Frayn from the Frayn shop. Keira Knightley, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Jessie Buckley, Keeley Hawes, Phyllis Logan, Lesley Manville, Rhys Ifans, Greg Kinnear. The British fraud was announced on March 13, 2020, by the distribution partner of Pathécencettyfox. This is the latest Pathéuk film published under the name of the Fox 20th Center.

Ordinary Love (2020)

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The 2019 sappy romance flick Ordinary Love was created by Lisa Barrosdesa and Glen Reborn from the screenplay by Owen McFerty. With Liam Neeson and Lesley Manville. On September 9, 2019, it had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Released in the UK on December 6 2019, by Universal Pictures and Focus Features and released in the US by Bleecker Street on February 14 2020.

Hampstead (2019)

about Hampstead (2019)

The 2017 British drama film Hampstead, which was written by Robert Festinger and directed by Joel Hopkins, is based on the life of Harry Hellos, who successfully claimed ownership of the half-acre lot of Hampstead Heath. The film’s protagonists are Diane Keaton, Brendan Gleeson, James Norton, Lesley Manville, Jason Watkins, Hugh Skinner, and Simon Callow. This film was released by Entertainment One Films on June 23, 2017.

Phantom Thread (2017)

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Daniel Day-Lewis, Leslie Manville and Vicky Krebs star in Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2017 historical drama Phantom Thread. Set in 1950s London, the film stars Day-Lewis as an haute couture designer who played her. the young waitress Clips in the previous movie. Anderson’s first film outside the US began filming in Rice, UK, in January 2017. After Blood is the second collaboration between Day-Lewis and Anderson and the fourth with composer Jonny Greenwood (2007). The original soundtrack of the movie Greenwood is excellent.

Rupture (2017)


Disruption is the first film based on Schomburg’s original story, but it has many recognized components. Lenny, played by Noomi Rapace, is a single Canadian mother imprisoned in Central America, struggling to cope with her troubled son Twain and her abusive ex-husband. A tape from a small room at the beginning of the film shows Lenny looking. A small device attached to one of the wheels of his car gives him more luck. The explosion inevitably sends Lenny to the side of the road, who falls victim to an elaborate kidnapping. His face is now covered with shiny black tape.

Mr Turner (2014)

mr. turner

Film W. Turner (1775-1851). The film stars Timothy Spall, Dorothy Atkinson, Paul Jason, Marion Bailey, Lesley Manville, and Martin Savage, written and directed by Mike Leigh. Spaul premiered at the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014, winning the Best Actor award, and Dick Pope won the Special Jury Award for filming the film.

A Five Star Life (2014)

facts about a five star life

Five Star Life (Italian: Viaggio sola, also known as Travel Alone) is a 2013 Italian drama film directed by Maria Sole Tognazzi. ] Margarita Bey won the David Di Donatello Best Actress Award for her role.] The film also won Best Silver Ribbon.

Maleficent (2014)

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Maleficent is a 2014 American space opera film directed by Robert Stromberg and written by Linda Wolverton. The film stars Angelina Jolie, Sharlto Copley, Elle Fanning, Sam Riley, Imelda Staunton, Juno Temple and Leslie Manville. This film is a live-action remake of the 1959 Walt Disney film Sleeping Beauty, based on the original story by Charles Perrault, told from the perspective of the villain of the same name. . in the fallen kingdom.

The Christmas Candle (2013)

the christmas candle

Christmas Candle is a 2013 British-American drama film directed by John Stephenson, based on the Max Lucado novel “Christmas Candle”. This film is an Impact and Big Book Media production presented by Pinewood Pictures and distributed by Rick Santorum Films production company Echo Light Studios in the US and Pinewood Pictures in the UK. Susan Boyle’s big screen debut. Boyle also contributed an original song to the movie “Miracle Hymn”.