Here are 7 Animes Which You Will Never Watch

There are many famous and highly acclaimed animated series, but even the best anime can’t erase the worst anime crimes of all time. The next terrifying animated series should be blamed for its failures, as opposed to lousy anime duplicates, which can be blamed for bad translations. Storyboards, animations, and voice actors for shows like Mars, Boku no Piko, and Garzei Wings seem to have succeeded without anyone thinking about producing low-quality animations. 

Knowing that it is unlikely to appear in the worst animated series ever made can help reassure even the most disgusting anime characters. This list had to be in animation for what people wanted to do. Unfortunately, these animations are not “worth watching.”

Dark Cat

black cat

The two brothers must turn into cats and solve the mystery of the demonic plague in a mysterious tent. If that sounds like a silly excuse to introduce something weird, yes. Any version for cats that differentiates Black Cats from other shows is excluded. 

It’s good to do it in human form because the character spends half of the series chasing demons. In particular, the ability to sing actors who stop for no reason in the middle of a sentence is terrible. I don’t think “Black Cat” has ever become a real TV series.



It is no exaggeration to say that “Hanoka” is a military SF series that tells the story of a woman who was born as the best anti-human weapon in the world. The stars and the races are at war.

Generation Of Chaos

  chaos Generation

An OVA that doesn’t live up to its name, Generation Of Chaos is often considered one of the most monotonous animated shows of all time. The story revolves around two characters in Neverland, where monsters and humans live side by side.

This 2001 animated series does not fit this comparison and has a Pokemon-like plot device. Viewers said there is no emotional connection with the characters, and the plot is unclear. Interestingly, this anime seems to have inspired many games of the same name over the next decade. 

 Skelter Heaven

Skelter Heaven

The idea of ​​attractive, busy high school students joining the military sounds like a sleepy anime success. However, Skelter Heaven failed to turn this fan service into an anime worthy of the fan base. This strange animated comedy is divided between “training exercises” and military response to the giant alien tentacles floating above Tokyo.

Mars of Destruction

Destruction of Mars

People who appreciate paper cuts and tread on LEGO are often lovers of the destruction of Mars. Rated 2.33 on my animation list, “Mars Destroyed” captivates viewers with its low quality. The story’s heart is the conflict between humans and alien races. 

What are they trying to achieve, and why are they here? If the animation is weird or too original, you may feel that these topics are not covered. How about the beautiful characters who evolve and evolve through the show? The characters are recognized but have more flaws and stupidity than virtues.

Garzey’s Wing

Garzey's Wing

It’s also an OVA, a 1996 fantasy film, and can only be seen as a bad movie at night. Chris is sent to another dimension and becomes a famous paladin, but even at 30, he fails the entrance exam. The English dubbing of this particular anime receives a lot of attention because it is similar to The Room.

Wounded Man

Wounded Man

Wounded, 1986 OVO follows a reporter sent to Brazil to report on the gold rush phenomenon. With movements that unnecessarily add to the story and completely alienate the viewer, the anime tries to empathize after the female protagonist attacks her.

Full of nudity and violence, viewers described it as a chaotic mess, in which the protagonist was offended, and the animation was funny. Overall, one of the worst anime.