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Whether pursuing to survive, the main character enters unfamiliar situations or lands and faces unexpected dangers. Greetings and welcome to Anime Adventures! This popular new Roblox tower defense game features a variety of anime characters. Check out our All-Star Tower Defense and Ultimate Tower Defense pages if you enjoy tower defense games. We have the most recent codes for gems and summon tickets to help you unlock new characters. We check our regulations every day, so you don’t have to, so check when new updates or milestones are reached – that usually means new codes are on the way.

What is Anime Adventures?

What is Anime Adventures

Anime Adventures is a Gomu experience in which multiple anime worlds collide and bring together all the villains and the heroes. You earn gems by defeating waves of enemies and the boss; the rocks are used to summon heroes in a Gacha-style system that changes every hour. This is an anime-themed tower defense game where you place heroes and upgrade them. Enemies make their way to the exit at the far end of the map. You upgrade your farm towers with yen earned by killing enemies, completing waves, and having farm towers. Units are what you use to defend against incoming waves.

Different Range of Summons in the Game:

Different Range of Summons in the Game
Each summons costs 50 gems and can get four different rarities: rare, epic, legendary, and mythic. Each monster has an additional pull percentage. Furthermore, you have a slight chance of developing shiny skin, which provides no benefit and is purely cosmetic. Aside from shiny skin, you can also obtain a unit with unique Trails for an additional buff. Every hour, the summons changes, with a different pull each time. Luck potions can also be purchased for gems at the shop next to the summon shop. Each unit has a tier, and the damage ranges vary depending on the level, with the best and rare being the worst.

Game Play:

Game Play
Anime Adventures is a tower defense game in which you must collect popular anime characters and deploy them to protect your base. Of course, getting the best characters can be complex, but that’s where our Anime Adventures codes list comes in, as it’s full of useful goodies that can give you an advantage. Check out our Disney Mirrorverse codes, Dead by Daylight codes, Master Pirate codes, A One Piece Game codes, Anime World Tower Defense codes, Mecha Simulator codes, Project Slayers codes, and Meteor Simulator codes if you’re looking for something else. If you’re looking for more titles to play, our best Roblox games list has some excellent suggestions.

Mythical Characters of Anime Adventure:

Mythical Characters of Anime Adventure
Katakuri is a choice for almost any player, and while her damage output isn’t the strongest, her main advantage is debuff strikes. Like the classic Broly, Broly has massive DPS, range, and AoE. Although this character has some advantages, its main disadvantage is its high price. Shanks is regarded as the best mythical character in the game for utility and possibly the most beneficial hero overall. This character deals a lot of damage and has abilities. All Might is another fantastic choice among mythical utility characters, providing damage output and range. The majority of enemies are vulnerable to this character’s Bubble attack.

Legendary Characters of Anime Adventure:

Legendary Characters of Anime Adventure
Dio is an option for any user, as it transforms ATK into Timestop. The stats are pretty good, and the SPA of this character is slightly higher than usual. Erwin is regarded as the best legendary support character in the game, thanks to his ability to grant allies within range. This character can also summon a unit with 1000 HP every 10 seconds, effectively covering the entire team. Giorno is a well-balanced character with some impressive stats. Blackbeard is notorious for bestowing curses on enemies, allowing allies to deal more damage than usual. The assault is relatively weak, but that’s fine because the job is based on ability.

Todoroki is the most challenging debuff character in the game, as his attacks burn targets after a brief period of freezing. This character has incredible damage and stats for an AoE-based hero, especially combined with his fantastic SPA. These characteristics make him a debuff character for almost any player. Jotaro is a hero, with an impressive damage output for an epic unit and a long line of fire. This character can freeze opponents with a handy Timestop, and while this character is primarily helpful for dealing single-target damage.