Grab the Exciting answer: Where Is Emu Runner Filmed?

Emu Runner, an Australian film, is in the Family genre. After watching the movie, fans want to know where Emu Runner was shot. Not to worry! We’ve got your back. Emu Runner received positive reviews from both critics and viewers. Following her mother’s death, a young girl seeks solace in a bird named Emu. Let’s get right into it and learn more about this Australian film. Emu Runner’s star cast includes Rhae-Kye Waites, Rob Carlton, Wayne Blair, Georgia Blizzard, and many other talented actors in supporting roles. This film was screened at the Adelaide Film Festival nearly a year before its theatrical release on November 7, 2018.

About the movie Emu Runner:

About the show Emu Runner

Emu Runner is a film about a young girl named Gemma Gem Daniels. Her family lives in a rural part of New South Wales. The mother and daughter duo go on a fishing trip to the banks of the Barwon River. They have a good time when Gemma Gen Daniels’ mother, Darlene, collapses. They rush back to town to seek assistance from their father, Jay Jay, but they are unable to save their mother. The death of their mother shattered the family. Gemma Gem Daniels finds solace in spending time with a wild Emu after Darlene’s untimely death. She was an intelligent student and athlete who began coming to school to be with Emu.

The plot of the movie Emu Runner:

plot of the movie Emu Runner
Gemma begins stealing food for Emu, attracting the attention of the local police officer and Heidi, the town’s social worker. They assume that Jay Jay, Gemma’s father, cannot care for his family following the death of his wife. While Gemma’s older brother, Ecker, is dragged down by alcohol and drugs. Jay Jay gets into a fight with some people outside the hotel, which results in his arrest. Emu Runner is a roller coaster ride of emotions and familial love. This is a simple and charming film. If you’re looking for movies in this genre, Emu Runner is an excellent choice.

Where is Emu Runner Filmed?

filming location of  Emu Runner
Australia’s New South Wales is one of the most spectacular filming locations. The state’s pleasant weather, beaches, and plains region make it the most appropriate location for directors and filming crews to shoot their TV shows and movie projects. The film ‘Emu Runner’ was shot in New South Wales for the most part. All of the Emu sequences are shot in the state. Brewarrina, a small town in New South Wales, was also used for filming Emu Runner. The interior scenes and the film’s climax are shot in this town. Backroad, for example, was shot in Brewarrina, New South Wales.

How does the plot end?

Emu Runner ending
When Gemma’s older brother Ecker develops an alcohol problem, becomes involved in drugs, and is hospitalized after being assaulted, Jay Jay becomes involved in a scuffle outside the local hotel and is arrested for affray. Heidi tries to separate Gemma from her family. Still, after being forced to take a detour on an unsealed backroad due to a highway accident, she and Gemma become stranded after nearly colliding with an emu, which damages the car. After spending the night with her on the deserted road, Heidi begins to understand Gemma’s behavior and realizes she belongs with her family. The following day, Gemma runs the long distance back into town to help Heidi.

The cast and crew of the movie Emu Runner:

cast and crew of the movie Emu Runner
The film’s production began in Brewarrina in 2017. The film was made on a shoestring budget, thanks to two crowdfunding campaigns and a “goodwill arrangement” with much of the cast and crew. More than $40,000 was raised on the crowdfunding platform Pozible, with Screen Australia providing completion funding. Grants from the Aboriginal Benefits Foundation and individual donations provided additional post-production funding. Blair worked on the film in between Mystery Road shoots. Many of the cast members, including Rhae-Kye Waites, were Brewarrina locals with little or no acting experience, some of whom were Waites’ family members. In the film, Waites’ grandmother Mary Waites played Gemma’s grandmother, her grandfather Lindsay Waites played Gemma’s uncle, and her cousin Letisha Boney did play Gemma’s sister.

The Australian’s David Stratton gave the film four stars. He called the film a “simple but evocative yarn beautifully told by Thomas and her cast,” and he praised Michael Gibbs’ cinematography as a “major asset.” In Variety, Eddie Cockrell praised the film as a “serene and finely detailed coming of age tale,” praising Thomas for her “deep, rich meditation on the family on family, community, country, and racial tensions.” He also praised cameraman Michael Gibbs for capturing the “magisterial vastness of the plains surrounding the town” with a “sobering yet beautiful effect,” and the editors for seamlessly incorporating emu footage into the film.