Get to know the plot, reviews, and all about Bad Buddy the Series EP 2

Friends becoming enemies is a plausible situation. There have been situations like this, but to go from fierce adversaries to partners is something to look forward to. Korapat Kirdpan and Pawat Chittsawangdee feature in the Thai drama “Bad Buddy.” The series is based on After Day and -West’s novel Behind The Scenes. This article will tell you when Episode 2 of the series will be released, as well as a preview and other details. The plot centers on two sons and their familial conflict. Their parents have imposed their rivalry on their boys since childhood. There used to be a sense of competitiveness for the slightest of things, such as who ran fatter or walked quicker than the other.

About the show Bad Buddy the Series:

About the show Bad Buddy the Series
Pat (Pawan Chittsawangdee), a bold and reckless person, and Pran (Korapat Kirdpan), a neat and tidy perfectionist, have a rivalry that has been passed down from generation to generation. Even before they were born, they were meant to be enemies. Their family operates a hardware store beside one another, and their parents despise one another. As a result, they have become adversaries in any form of competition. While Pat is still in shock and anxiety, Pran runs into the river and saves him from drowning. Since then, their connection has evolved. They still appear to be adversaries on the surface, but they no longer sincerely despise each other.

Recap of Bad Buddy the Series EP 1:

Recap of Bad Buddy the Series EP 1
Pran and Pat are opposed to spirits. Pat is lighthearted and enjoys life on his terms, whereas Pran strives for perfection. Their family history is complicated because their parents are bitter rivals. There was always a sense of rivalry in the air. Who will walk first or crawl first? The boys were raised to feel that they were competitors from the start. Naturally, when they grew older, that mindset continued, and they used to argue about everything. But fate had different intentions. Pran’s sister almost drowned one day, but Pat saved her. That was the turning point in the guys’ friendship.

What is the plot of Bad Buddy the Series EP 2?

What is the plot of Bad Buddy the Series EP 2
The lads are at a crossroads in their relationship, and things may go anyway. They don’t have bad sentiments towards one other, but it doesn’t make them friends. Time is essential here, so in the following episodes, we will be able to get more glimpses of their quest to become friends, and who knows what else can happen. However, to learn more, watch the Bad Buddy Thai series. Pat’s sister reminded him that Pran was the one who helped her years ago and advised him to avoid causing Pran any damage. It is possible that these two are not pals. Time will tell whether they become buddies.

Ratings and reviews of Bad Buddy the Series EP 2:

Ratings and reviews of Bad Buddy the Series EP 2
The series has come to the top of WeTV Thailand’s most popular BL series rankings since 15 November 2021. After the release of Episode 7, it became the most-streamed Thai television series and drama in November 2021 and the most-watched title on the site on December 13, 2021. Bad Buddy is a BL masterpiece from start to end. The epic narrative, hot romance, and captivating performers work perfectly. This entertaining romantic comedy is energetic, intellectual, and highly sexual. I hope I’m not overstating my admiration, but Bad Buddy the Series EP 2 may be the genre’s apex series. The reviews were extraordinary for the show, and the teenagers liked it.

The lead role characters of Bad Buddy the Series EP 2:

lead role characters of Bad Buddy the Series
Pran is Pat’s next-door neighbor and an architectural student. Pran is the only kid in his family, and his parents adore him. He is tidy, organized, and an obsessive perfectionist. However, he frequently becomes agitated when Pat causes havoc in his life. Pran enjoys sketching, cooking, and playing the guitar. He enjoys adorning his dorm room with numerous happy faces. Pat is Pran’s next-door neighbor and an engineering student. He gets along with his younger sister Pa, although he prefers to bully her about completing his duties. Pat has a bold and outgoing demeanor, walking confidently across campus. He is, nevertheless, a slob who has a blatant disdain for personal hygiene. Thanks to his father’s influence, Pat is a member of the university rugby squad.

If another brawl breaks out, the university administration has threatened to suspend them. Despite the penalties, the two warring sides have not reconciled, as Pat’s friend Korn continues to annoy Wai. Pat approaches Pran in dire need of reconciliation between their mutual friends. Despite Pran’s reservations, they work together to end the conflicts. Pran and Pat communicate in private to ensure that their buddies never meet. These two former adversaries irritate one other due to their contrasting personalities. Pran is tidy and meticulous, but Pat is sloppy and inquisitive. Therefore they frequently argue. Nonetheless, Pran and Pat learn that they get along well when their connection improves. They must, however, conceal their friendly relationship due to insufficient blood between their near and dear ones.