Get to know all the Exciting Updates of Cutie Pie The Series

If you do not say ‘cute’ at least once while watching ‘Cutie Pie,’ you have a strong heart that isn’t easily swayed by the charms of attractive people. Aoftion Kittipat Jampa’s 2022 Thai BL series has a ‘barely there’ basic story – a wealthy engaged couple is hiding secrets from each other, so can they make their relationship work without being transparent? Two companies’ sons were engaged to be married. One does not want an arranged marriage, while the other wishes to persuade him! Soon, you’ll meet Gilayn Wang and Kuea Keerati. The show’s premise was cliched; arranged marriage isn’t exactly novel in the romance genre.

About the show Cutie Pie:

About the show Cutie Pie

Lian Kilen Wang (Pruk Panich) and Kuea “Kirin” Keerati (Chawarin Perdpiriyawong) find themselves in an impasse. They find themselves in an arranged same-sex marriage due to a promise made to their parents and grandparents. The latter is a free-spirited musician – a vocalist and drummer – whereas the former is a calm businessman. While Kuea is eager to embark on a happy and romantic life with Lian, the feeling isn’t mutual – at least not at first. Lian is cold to Kuea and dismissive of him. Eventually, he expresses his desire to terminate their engagement because he has no intention of entering into an arranged marriage. Kuea is hesitant but reluctantly agrees. However, soon after their divorce is finalized, Lian sympathizes with Kuea.

The cast of the series: Cutie Pie

cast of the Cutie Pie
The drama between Ku-Nuea and Hia continues in Cutie Pie Season 1. To begin, Cutie Pie is a Thai YouTube web series about gentleman’s relationships, work, romance, and fashion styles. Kilane Wang, the lead male character in Cutie Pie, is played by Zee Pruk Panich. Second, Nunew Chawarin Perdpiriyawong plays Kuea Keerati, the other male lead. Nat Natasitt Uareksit plays Kon Deaw, and Max Sarah Rujeerattanavorapan plays Hia Yi in supporting roles. Finally, Yim Pharinyakorn Khansawa takes on the role of Sinsamer. Hia calls Foei and tells him to get everything nitty-gritty and ready for Nu-arrival; Kuea’s acts all jittery on Hia’s orders.

The plot of Cutie Pie:

plot of Cutie Pie
Hia walks into the room to confront the protagonist seductively about a broken promise. They try to kiss every time he gets this close to him. However, Hia is shunned. Hia claims to have spoken with Aunt Kewarin, but the Nu-Kuea does not believe him. He calls his mother to confirm, but there’s a deceptive conversation to put the woman in Austria off. Kewarin chastises Nu Kuea for his misbehavior. She also informs Hia that she is now his guardian. Nu Kuea is caught between a rock and a hard place. Nu Kuea does not want to be controlled by Hia. As a result, he plots with his friends how to get off the hook. Meanwhile, Hia’s financial shenanigans are causing him problems, and he needs to spend more money to keep the company running.

The streaming details of Cutie Pie:

streaming details of Cutie Pie
The series is visually appealing; the sets are lavish, with brilliant mood lighting and contrasting colors, and the cast is stunning. Everything is visually appealing. The tv series does have its original soundtrack, and Kuea accomplishes several upbeat songs. All you have to do to watch Cutie Pie Season 1 Episode 5 is going to the Mandee YouTube channel. This channel broadcasts episodes with English subtitles worldwide. However, be aware that the subtitles may disappear a few hours after the original upload. Several other YouTube channels will rip off the content; we recommend you stay on the main Mandee YouTube channel.

An exciting plot of Cutie Pie:

exciting plot of Cutie Pie
NuNew Chawarin is adorable as Kuea, yet his character frequently comes across as a toddler rather than a mature college student. For example, when he first visits Kilen’s fancy house, he is completely taken aback, as if he has never set foot in a plush apartment before, even though he is wealthy enough to afford an entire ‘hideout bungalow’ for himself. Recollect, he is only a student of engineering. The smooth chemistry between NuNew and Zee Pruch Wang, who are entirely at ease onscreen in their romantic moments, works best for this show. With their chemistry, the couple raises the temperature and appears to be childhood sweethearts who can’t keep their hands off each other.

Those few episodes are intriguing, but nothing happens after that. Things slow down at the start of episode six, with Kuea and his college gang getting into mischief and acting like total kids. In this episode, Max Kornthas R, who plays Hia-Yi, demonstrates his lack of acting skills by failing to deliver emotional lines when the camera is on him. Nat Natasitt Uareksit also felt miscast as Khondiao; the character is a confusing mess – on the one hand, he is shown as a helplessly lost puppy who acts like a scared little slave around Hia-Yi, but the writers also want us to believe he is a Karate top athlete who can kick butt.