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Based on Kim’s Lezhin webtoon D.P Dog’s Day, D.P is a South Korean streaming television series created by Han Jun-hee and Kim Bo-tong. Stars of the show include Son Seok-Koo, Jung Hae-in, and I’m Sung-Kyun. Six pieces made up the Netflix launch. The 2014 setting of D.P. depicts the tale of a group of Korean military police on a mission to apprehend deserters. The show emphasizes how unwanted the military is, particularly in the setting of South Korea. The culture of “survival of the fittest” and rampant bullying and hazing are pervasive, with individuals considered to be the “weakest” being pushed to the bottom of the heap and subjected to horrible treatment at the hands of their superiors and fellow citizens.

Summary of DP Korean Series:

about of DP Korean Series

While another is mercilessly beaten by a higher-ranking soldier just because he feels like it, a military trainee gets a casual slap. These are clips from the South Korean drama DP, which debuted on Netflix and has garnered attention for highlighting the negative aspects of the nation’s conscription system. Given the perception that military life in South Korea has gotten significantly simpler over the previous ten years, some people have criticized the show for being unnecessarily overstated on social media. However, the truth is that reports of hazing and suicides among the military have persisted in going viral and grabbing attention. Just this week, 15 persons were charged in connection with the suicide of an air force officer.


When can we expect DP Season 2?

When can we expect DP Season 2

The aftermath of the events at the end of season 1 will be addressed in D.P.’s second season. Suk Bong became angry after receiving constant bullying and kidnapped Hwang Jang-Soo to kill him. Detective Na’s intervention prevents Suk Bong from killing Hwang, but Jun-Ho had to intervene to prevent Suk Bong from beating the deserter excessively. Suk Bong quickly changed the course of events when he managed to take hold of Detective Han’s gun and pursue Hwang to complete the mission he had begun. Han begged Suk Bong to step aside and offered to conduct a thorough inquiry into the allegations made against Hwang and the unit.


The favorite casts and their characters in DP Korean series:

favorite casts and their characters in DP Korean series

D.P. follows Ahn Jun-ho (Jung Hae-in), a young pizza delivery boy who enlists in the military and is eventually assigned to the military police after a grueling five-week basic training camp. When there is a need to fill a position in the D.P. unit, Jun-ho proves to be highly fortunate. Park Beom-gu interviews him (Kim Sung-Kyun). Jun-duty ho’s is straightforward; D.P. stands for Deserter Pursuit. Together, he and a more experienced recruit must capture deserters. He is initially paired with Park Sung-woo (Go Kyung-pyo), but when they are given the task of apprehending a deserter in the province of Gangwon, things go wrong. Jun-ho receives a second chance when he is paired with senior D.P. member Han Ho-yeol (Koo Kyo-hwan), who has just been released, while Sung-woo is let go.


DP Korean series, which portrays Korean military scenario:

which portrays Korean military scenario

All non-disabled men in South Korea, which theoretically is still at war with nuclear-armed North Korea, are compelled to spend 18 months in the military, with very few exceptions. It is unpopular, and some people think the years were wasted. The unit entrusted with locating and apprehending military deserters is mentioned explicitly in the episode’s title, “deserter pursuit,” or “DP.” Some of the stories were based on Mr. Kim’s personal experiences as a former DP soldier, which he adapted from his well-liked digital comic of the same name. Even though the series’ deserters leave the camp for various reasons, violence is a recurring subject.


A short plot of the DP Korean series:

a short plot of DP korean series

Even though Jun-Oh is alienated from his mother, his mother’s house is the prominent spot for him to flee to. However, given that the military police are aware of his mother’s residence, it wouldn’t be long before they located Jun-Oh. Suk Bong and other military service members died due to the bullying and harassment permeating the South Korean military. A thorough examination into the military police unit Suk Bong was assigned to was promised by Detective Han. If Han follows through on his pledge, the ensuing probe will probably reveal a lengthy and unhealthy history of bullying. An examination will nonetheless be necessary since a bullied soldier snaps and shoots all the troops in his room to death with his machine gun.


Although Netflix constantly produces top-notch South Korean programming, its most recent Original drama, D.P., might be among the most well-liked additions since Love Alarm and Kingdom. The news that D.P. on Netflix has been renewed for a second season will please Korean drama fans. Everything you need to know about D.P. season 2 will be tracked below. Armed military police guards arrive and surround Suk-Bong despite the intervention from Han and Jun-Ho. Suk Bong shoots himself out of desperation, but he accidentally hits his neck instead of his head, causing him to bleed to death while desperately yelling for his mom.