Everything you are supposed to know about Ashneer Grover

Ashneer Grover is the former co-founder and managing director of the fintech company of India BharatPe. He was the co-founder of the company you found along with Bhavik Koladiya and Shashvat Nakrani. In 2022 he also appeared on the reality TV show Shark Tank, in which he represented himself in the form of an investor. Ashneer Grover is the most successful businessman in India and has an overall career in the business industry, leading him to a great Net Worth. Presently he is out of his own founded company BharatPe, but he is invested in so many companies in India that make him very successful in business.

Ashneer Grover Early Life

Ashneer Grover early life and biography

Ashneer Grover is an Indian businessman, former co-founder, and managing director of the fintech company of India BharatPe. He was born on the 14th of June 1982 in Delhi. The father of Ashneer Grover was a chartered accountant. His mother was a primary school teacher. Ashwin Grover completed his elementary school at a school in Delhi. Ashneer Grover graduated in b.tech while doing civil engineering from the Indian Institute of, Technology, the branch in Delhi itself. Ashneer is highly educated and has a flourishing education background in terms of business. He had a middle-class life in his early days and always had aspirations to be a successful businessman in his life. However, he completed civil engineering but always looked forward to doing business.

Ashneer Grover Early Career

Ashneer Grover Early days in Career

Ashneer was gradually very successful in is early days of his career as he got himself enrolled in a finance program while pursuing an MBA. During the campus placement at the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, he got an offer to be the vice president for the investment banking industry of Kotak in Mumbai. He also joined as a director in American express in 2013 and served there for nearly two years. He also joined Grofers for the post of chief financial officer in 2015 and also worked there for several years. Ashneer Grover, in his early days of these careers, got various job offers and was very successful in performing a job.

Ashneer Grover Professional Career

Ashneer Grover Professional Career

His professional career began in 2018 when he worked for the PC Chandra jewellers, where he got the idea of creating BharatPe. In 2018, along with his partners, BhavikKoladiya and ShashvatNakranisuccessfully launched BharatPe, one of the most successful and most used payment applications. He has successfully invested in various companies, and he has walked as an investment banker in his life, as an MNC Employee, and as a chief financial officer. Recently, he took part in the TV show Shark tank, where he civil situated as an investor and with other investors. Ashneer Grover is a very successful businessman and has youth success in terms of net worth.

Ashneer Grover Personal Life

Ashneer Grover Personal Life in detail

Ashneer Grover had no controversies in their personal life as he was married to Madhuri Grover, who is also an entrepreneur. Madhuri Grover manages the human resources and various other internal operations of BharatPe. Before joining the company, she was also an interior designer and shoe worker for booming Industries like AlokIndustries and people like Satya Paul. She also had her business furnishing, which was named Mauve & Brown. Due to a shortage of funds, Ashneer asked his wife to join the company to manage the internal operations. They have two children, a son  Avy Grover and another Daughter MannatGrover.

Ashneer Grover Net Worth

Ashneer Grover overall Net Worth

The calculated Bet Worth of Ashneer Grover is somewhere between 90 million US dollars to 700 Crore, according to the latest report. He was eventually the wealthiest person to appear on Shark Tank, and after leaving his BharatPe, his net worth finally dropped. He is invested in various companies, which help him retain much more returns and also has invested in multiple real estate from which he gains rent each month. While supporting and showcasing in Shark tank, he also received a particular amount of money for each episode which the show makers did not reveal. It can be expected that Ashneer used to receive somewhere near ten lakhs for each episode of  Shark Tank.