Everything you are suppose to know about Chicago Med Season 8

The Chicago Med is a television series and an American medical Ram, created by Matt Olmstead and Dick Wolf. The series has represented a total of seven seasons and has 141 episodes in total. The first season of the Chicago Med was released in 2015 on the 17th of November. That consists of nearly 18 episodes and had nearly 9.83 million viewers of the series. Season one of the Chicago Med was reviewed on average very much. Still, following that, people started enjoying the content of the series, and it received an award for young artist in 2017, which Haley Brooke Walker won.

Chicago Med’s season 8 overall cast

Chicago Med season 8 cast

The lead character of the Chicago Med is Dr. Will Halstead, who is a former plastics surgeon that is played by Nick Gehlfuss. Yaya DaCosta plays the character of April Sexton. Following that, Torrey De Vitto represents the character of Dr.Natalie Manning in the series of Chicago Med. Rachel DiPillo has played the character of Dr. Sarah Reesen Donnell, representing Dr. Connor Rhodes’s character in the series. Epatha Merkerson plays Sharon Goodwin and Marlyne Barrett plays Maggie Lockwood. The role of Dr. Ava Bekker is represented by Norma Kuhling and Dominic Rains, who plays the character of Dr. Crockett Marcel in Chicago Med.

Chicago Med release date of season 8

Chicago Med season 8 release date

Officially there is no declaration made related to the release date of season 8 of Chicago Med. The fans of the series are very much excited to know about the upcoming season of the Chicago Med. The series’ seventh season was released on the 22nd of September in 2021, and it is expected that the 8th season of the series will be aired by the end of 2022 or early 2023. The plot of season 8 will have the following from season 7, where Halstead and Asher fight with themselves during the kidney transplant of a patient. Season 8 of the Chicago Med will be much more exciting and eye-catching.

Chicago Med overview up till season 7

Chicago Med overview

The first season of the Chicago Med focused on the emergency department of a particular medical clinic, the doctors and nurses of the medical clinic, as they had to work hard to save the lives of different patients. The overall series of the Chicago Med revolves around the doctors and nurses who work in an emergency department and have to save the lives of different patients while dealing with different interpersonal and personal issues. In the concluding episode of season 7, it was seen that there was a clash between the lead characters regarding the kidney transplant of a particular patient. Marcel also took a tough decision when Blake was performing the surgery.

Chicago Med Season 8 Episodes and were to watch them

Chicago Med season 8 Episodes

The Chicago Med has consisted of seven seasons till date in which it has consisted of 141 episodes in total. Season 1 of the series consisted of 18 episodes; after that, season 2 consisted of 23 episodes, and season 3 with 20 episodes. The fourth and fifth seasons of the Chicago Med consisted of 22 and 20 episodes, respectively. The sixth season of the series consisted of 16 episodes, and the seventh season, the latest season, consisted of 22 episodes. The series is available on the Hulu app, and it can be seen on Netflix. But only the first five seasons of the Chicago Med are available on Netflix, and the rest are available on the peacock app. Season 8 of Chicago Med season 8 will have nearly 20 episodes as well.

Best filming locations of the Chicago Med season 8

Filming locations of Chicago Med season 8

A series of nearly seven seasons and 141 episodes will have great filming locations. Most parts of the Chicago Med are shot in a hospital or indoors, but a few exclusive shots of the series is in great locations. The date night of Iyanna and Jarette was outside the 360 Chicago. The Chicago Riverwalk and the Wrigley field were covered in the series, where most of the bachelor and the Bachelorette parties were held. The group picnic was held on the North Avenue beach of Chicago, a very exclusive scene. The Humboldt Park Boat House was covered in the Chicago Med. These locations might also be covered in season 8.