Escaype Live Review: A dark mystrey thriller with lazy directing

Escape Live is a 2022 Indian Hindi thriller; a live web series produced and directed by Siddharth Kumar Tewary and produced by Siddharth Kumar Tewary under the banner of One Life Studios. With Siddharth, Javed Jaaferi, Shweta Tripathi and Walusha De Sousa, the series premiered on Disney + Hotstar on May 20, 2022.

What is the plot of Escaype Live?

plot of escaype live

A Chinese-influenced app called Escaype Live has hit the Indian market. It advises people to create “content” and pays if the audience likes it and sprinkles it with virtual diamonds. The app promotes the contest when the winner announces a $ 3 million prize. From the fashionable streets of Mumbai to the teenagers in the heart of India, many start their winning series and walk a dark path, regardless of the outcome.

Escaype Live: performance by the cast 

performance of the cast escaype live

The casting department makes the difference in casting actors who seem foreign to the world at first sight but are beautifully harmonized. Most people’s favourites are Aadhyaa and Sumedh Mudgalkar as Darky. First, it hurts a lot even if you don’t feel it. The atmosphere around Aadhyaa is always tense because young people are afraid, and actors praise everything. Mudgalkar is a revelation. He takes out all his inner eccentricity and plays Dark convincingly at the risk of becoming a caricature.

I couldn’t count how many times Ganges City Girl played. Rohit Chandel plays a very complex role, he draws a line to create new cartoons, but he survives how Shweta Tripathi Sharma portrays every Banaras girl uniquely?. Siddharth plays his part with great confidence. He looks like an easy-going character, but in reality, he’s not even close to who he is.

What are the pros of Escaype live?

pros of escaype live

At the heart of Escaype Live is its human and captivating story. We have all read, met and even lived with people who have endured these hardships. There are emotions, and the mother is confused, not knowing what her daughter did. When a patriarchal brother orders his younger sister to cover her breasts after she has been greeted, she is outraged. Everything seems to have been well studied and lived.

Written by Jaya Misra and Ranveer Pratap Singh, the power of Escaype Live lies in the depth of each story you explore. Aadhyaa Sharma plays a 10-year-old girl. However, she does not know that he will become the prey of many who will make money by sacrificing themselves. She stole her childhood when her younger brother received growth hormone injections and soon became an adult, seducing people to make a lot of money. Her innocence does not understand any of this, and the application’s popularity blinds her even more.’

What are the Cons of Escaype Live?

Cons of escaype live

While these individual stories may sound beautiful, impressive, and disturbing, there is one point where not all of them fit. There is always more space. Some places seem primarily empty, but many are complete, and you can feel them. You can spend more time exploring Siddhart’s orthodox approach. This is because the degenerative part is significant. You can increase the effect. Also, the user interface of the application seemed too outdated. Some lazy decisions also make things illogical. If you’re in the urge for some dark stuff that could make you uncomfortable, you might try it. However, don’t enter with too high of an expectation.