Deep Water: Is it Upto the Mark?

Deep Water is an erotic psychological thriller directed by Adrian Lyne. It is based on the 1957 novel of the same name by Patricia Highsmith. Zach Helm and Sam Levinson co-wrote the screenplay for Amazon Prime Video. The film stars Ben Affleck as Big Van Allen and Ana de Armas as Melinda Van Allen. Other stars include Tracy Letts, Jacob Elordi, and Kristen Connolly. The duration of the film is 115 minutes.

Plot & Summary of Deep Water

plot of deep water

Vic and Melinda have an unhappy marriage and a daughter. Melinda often befriends new people and starts dating. Vic is portrayed as a husband who realizes that another man is in his wife’s life. But things get weird when Vic jokes with one of Melinda’s boyfriends that she killed the man who was “his wife’s friend.” This joke is an important reason why Melinda suspects Vic when her boyfriend dies or disappears

In those 115 minutes, we learn about Vic and Ana’s broken marriage. Is Vic worth losing his wife’s boyfriend? If not, who does all this? So why is his wife so cold when she starts dating someone new in public? I

The cast of Deep Water

cast of deep water

Deep Water, Affleck, and Armas stars are fun to watch. Still, Hulu Original has an amazing cast, including Finn Wittrock from American Horror Story and Jacob Elordi from Euphoria.

The performers who appear in the film are given below:

  • Ben Affleck – Vic Van Allen
  • Ana de Armas – Melinda Van Allen
  • Tracy Letts – Don Wilson
  • Lil Rel Howery – Grant
  • Dash Mihok – Jonas Fernandez
  • Finn Wittrock – Tony Cameron
  • Kristen Connolly – Kelly Wilson
  • Jacob Elordi – Charlie De Lisle
  • Rachel Blanchard – Kristin Peterson
  • Grace Jenkins – Trixie Van Allen
  • Jade Fernandez – Jen Fernandez
  • Michael Braun – Jeff Peterson
  • Brendan C. Miller – Joel Dash
  • Devyn Tyler – Mary Washington
  • Jeff Pope – Chief Nichols
  • Michael Scialabba – Kevin Washington

Is Deep Water based on True Scenarios?

is deep water true scenario

Deep Water is not based on a factual story; rather, it is a film version of Patricia Highsmith’s book of the same name. In addition, Highsmith published Mr. Am books like Talented Ripley and Strangers on the Train, both of which were adapted into live-action films. The first film was directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and Anthony Minghella directed the second with Matt Damon.

Deep Water: My Opinion

fans review on deep water

Amazon Prime Video’s Deep Water does not achieve its goal. We know the couple is unhappy, but we don’t know why or how it started. It is monotonous and monotonous, with unsatisfactory conclusions. Ana and Ben are great actors. Unfortunately, the story is weak, so it offers nothing special.