Crushed Season 2 Cast, Release date, Trailer and Review

Crushed is a Hindi Amazon mini-TV series that follows two lead characters, Aadhya and Sam. These two characters of the series are known to live life under the shadows of their very close friends in a convents school in Lucknow. These two characters fell into bad circumstances, and a friendship was formed. The series revolves around their building romance and their success in a relationship with different internal insecurities, which they had to go through. Season 1 was a big success, and it is expected that there will be a Crushed season 2 in no time and it also will be a blockbuster.

Crushed Season 2 cast

Crushed season 2 lead cast continuing the series

The lead cast of season one are expected to continue the role in Crushed season 2. The lead characters of the series are Sam and Aadhya, played by Rudraksh Jaiswal and Anupriya Caroli, respectively. Naman Jain plays the supporting surface of Prateek in the series and will be seen in season 2. Aadhya Anand represents the character of Zoya in the series, while Urvi Singh plays the character of Jaz. Arjun Deswal plays the character of Sahil in the online series. All of the online series characters are expected to continue their performance in season 2 of the series. The cast is very efficient.

Crushed Season 2 release date

Crushed season 2 predicted date of release

After the extreme success in season one, it is highly expected that the Crushed season 2 will be released very soon. The production house has not taken any decision regarding the release of season 2, nor has made any announcement been made. It can be predicted that season 2 of the online series will be released by 2023 itself. The Crushed season 2 will be released on the Amazon mini TV online series platform. The First edition of the online series was released on the 12th of January 2022, and it can be expected that the second season of the online series Crushed will be released by mid-2023 or by the end of the year 2023.

Crushed season 2 trailer

Crushed season 2 trailer and review

No official trailer of Crushed season 2 has been released. If the series be released by 2023, then the trailer of season 2 will get released by the end of 2022 itself. The audience and the series are eagerly waiting for the release of the trailer of Crushed season 2. The series is quite famous amongst teenagers as it consists of the relationship between two teenagers who get along with each other in a convent school. The teenagers get entirely accustomed with the situations in the online series and get connected with the series, so The Crushed season 2 will have representations that will attract teenagers.

Crushed season 1

Crushed season 1 an overall description

Season 1 of the series Crushed shows the relationship between two teenagers who are the fiddle characters of the series. These two characters of the series get friends with each other in a very bad circumstance and then get along with each other as good friends, later forming a romantic relationship. Season one of the online series got a rating of 3.5 from the critics and 4.7 from its viewers, which is good for the first season. The series revolves around the internal insecurities of those two characters, and how they came along with them to build romance in their relationship. The series is very helpful for the teens and looks forward to teach them lessons of life.

Crushed season 2 Episodes

Crushed season 2 upcoming Episodes

Season 2 of the online series Crushed will have nearly nine episodes. The first season of the online series Crushed had nine episodes, and it is expected that season 2 will only have 6 to 9 episodes. The ending of the series’ first season was quite interesting, and they mentioned that there can be a second edition of the series if everything in the production house went well. The views are highly predicted about the second edition of the series, with different number of episodes to be released in them . The series is eye-catching, and the Crushed season 2 will be a blockbuster just after its release.