Check out here for the best horror movies 2022 that will make you feel the Dark

With Jordan Peele’s, Halina Reijn’s, Parker Finn’s, and David Gordon Green’s Halloween End on the horizon, there’s no better time to rank the best horror movies of 2022 thus far. Because there aren’t many options, “best” doesn’t always imply “most popular” or “most profitable” in this case. These horror films made a list because they are innovative, refreshing, terrifying, or above. Although some of them underperformed at the box office or flopped at film festivals, they all brought something exciting to the table, automatically making them worth watching, even if personal tastes differ.

Student Body and The Seed:

Student Body
Student Body is a low-budget horror film aimed at genre fans looking for something light and entertaining. It doesn’t break any ground for slashers, but it has a likable young cast who are stalked through their high school hallways by a sledgehammer-wielding killer dressed as the school’s mascot. In The Seed, three women travel to a lavish desert estate for a few days of fun and relaxation. Something strange falls into their swimming pool during a meteor shower on their first night there. The object turns out to be a tiny creature unknown to the three friends. The Seed is a fun sci-fi horror comedy with an enjoyable monster, enjoyable achievements, and a fantastic look.

No Exit and The Cursed:

No Exit and The Cursed
Darby, a recovering drug addict, is stranded at a remote visitors center during a blizzard in No Exit. Because the roads are impassable and cell phone reception is non-existent, Darby must carefully find out who the kidnapper is among the other people stranded with her. In The Cursed, director Sean Ellis put a new spin on the mechanics of a werewolf film. While the story of a mysterious beast wreaking havoc on a small town in the 1800s will feel to anyone who has seen a classic werewolf film, the beast is approached in a novel way.

The Free Fall and Me:

The Free Fall
See For Me is a suspenseful home invasion thriller with an intriguing twist. Sophie is a blind woman who is house-sitting when a group of boys breaks in, believing the house is empty. Sophie tries to avoid trouble by sneaking through the unfamiliar place with the assistance of an online service that connects blind people with a live operator who uses a cell phone camera to help them navigate. Sarah has no recollection of her life before a violent tragedy and an apparent suicide attempt, but her husband Nick is there to assist her in her recovery. The issue is that it becomes increasingly clear that Nick is concealing something from Sarah.

Hatching and They Live in the Grey:

Hatching and They Live in the Grey
Hatching is a visually appealing horror film that combines elements from horror films, family procedurals, and psychical horror. Tinja is the story’s protagonist, a young girl whose mother is obsessed with presenting the appearance of a perfect family to her online followers. In the chilling and emotional supernatural horror film, They Live in the Grey, a social worker who can see ghosts is forced to confront her traumatic past. Claire, a Child Protective Services worker, assigned to investigate a report of child abuse, is played by Michelle Krusiec. Claire quickly discovers that an otherworldly presence in the house may be the source of the abuse, and she must decide whether she is mentally capable of handling this new case while interacting with her own broken life.

Incantation and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness:

Incantation and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
Incantation is a Taiwanese found-footage horror film that was released on Netflix. As the film begins, it is presented as a video made by a mother in a desperate attempt to find lifting a curse. Ronan is searching for custody of her daughter after being declared mentally unfit to care for her child. Soon after she takes her daughter home, dangerous and terrifying supernatural activity begins to take hold of the young girl. Sam Raimi returned to Marvel for the first time since his classic Spider-Man, bringing his signature style with him. This Doctor Strange sequel features a lethal magic book, a zombie, a giant monster rampaging through New York, and a slew of horrible deaths.

It’s 2022, and the horror genre still produces some absolute gems. Despite what pessimistic detractors may claim, horror is not dead, and the genre’s prolific and profitable legacy shows no signs of going down anytime. Keeping up with new releases is difficult given the vast content available at any given time. Fortunately, much of the /Film staff comprises nerds who spend their time devouring every morsel of horror to feel something. We are insatiably hungry for horror, and we will continue to consume every previous scary movie and turn it into easy-to-read listicles for your entertainment until we die.