Candy Web Series Review: A high School murder story with some Twists

Who doesn’t like the old crime mystery set in a beautiful, secluded mountain? The actress plays an essential role in a thriller, and Candy understands it well. Mysterious disappearances, threats, brutal crimes, attacks, forest demons and drug destruction of students overturn the snowy sleeping areas. Some suspects of supernatural beings and agents led by the powerful Ratna Sankhavar have their agenda. There is also the corrupt politician Mani Ranaut, known for pulling the strings. When a high school student disappears, Professor Jayant Farrek (Ronit Roy) is involved in an investigation and becomes involved in a network of conspiracies and crimes.

What is the Story of Candy?

story of candy

In the fictional northern Indian city of Rudrakhand, an elite school hides many dark secrets beneath an orderly façade. When a student is killed and hanged in the woods, police officer Ratna Shanhawar (Richa) and Professor Jayant Parekh (Ronit) must investigate. They even have a black tint. Among them, candies made from drugs are sold to children. How everything relates to a murderer is the main plot.

Implementation of the Actors in Candy

presentation of candy

Richa Chadha transforms into DSP Ratna Shanhawar, a successful businesswoman and family woman. It is more complex than the first seems. She is skilled at silencing males, and the initial episodes are entertaining because of her sarcasm and confident demeanour. I’m hoping he gets this kindness once more. Ronit Roy plays Professor Jayant Parekh, who deals with a tragic past. As he struggles with a grieving woman and her fears, he is tasked with discovering the secrets.

What are the positives?

postives of candy show

The audience eagerly anticipating the first quarter’s finale is the thriller’s major flaw. A curse appears in seven out of ten Indian thrillers now in production. Even the audience was intelligent and well-informed, which is something to bear in mind while creating a thriller.

Although the OTT dialogue is not so subtle and clear, the characters created are quiet and immersed in our intrigue. It would be one of those beautiful equations to balance plus and minus. Ashish R Shukla, known for creating similar content, finds its niche between masala animators and webcasts in the digital space. Both have a bit. This can lead to conflicting opinions because not all palettes like to mix.

What are the negatives?

negatives of candy

Naturally, predictability From a distance, at minimum, 30% of the motion may be seen. It will damage the final result. For viewers who have watched the series more or less regularly, it is evident that the producers have reduced the means of concealing the climax’s reversal. This implies that you must wait until the last game begins. In my opinion, You should pay attention to Candy. It is a programme where the suspense is genuine and not simply there for show. Enter and revel in the delights.