Big Sky Filming Locations: Check out here for Great Locations

Let us now discuss the Big Sky Filming Locations. Big Sky is an American television show produced by David E. Kelley that airs on ABC. It is based on the 2013 book Highway by C.J. Box. Big Sky was shot in some of the most stunning locations, some of which can be seen in the trailer and will be among the series’ highlights. Even though the episode is set in Montana, the actual filming occurred elsewhere. ABC’s “Big Sky” is one example of a show with a distinct aesthetic that cannot be replicated on a soundstage in one of the production cities listed above. The series, set in the beautiful Western state of Montana, uses the wilderness to improve an emotion.

The filming locations of Big Sky:

filming locations of Big Sky
Big Sky was shot in Vancouver, Canada, a city known for its breathtaking natural scenery and backdrops, making it an obvious choice for the production. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the original plans for this series’ filming included locations in Nevada and parts of New Mexico. While Albuquerque was considered the other Big Sky filming location in New Mexico, Las Vegas was revealed to be the shoot location in Nevada. The coronavirus pandemic forced a change in the previously planned filming locations for this show. As a result, the shoot was ruled out in those two locations. However, the producers discovered several sites in Vancouver, British Columbia, to be a good substitute for them.

Downtown Vancouver and The Squamish Valley:

  Squamish Valley
One of the Big Sky Filming locations in downtown Vancouver. It appears in one of the scenes when the girls are being treated for their injuries at the fictitious Lewis and Clark medical clinic, which was set up in an abandoned store on Homer Street following the fight at the Hammerhead bar. The series’ depictions of nature were set against the backdrop of the Squamish Valley. It’s where Ronald spots Natalie and Grace on a Yellowstone side road that looks like the stunning arboreal rainforest near Squamish. This moss-covered woodland was used as a setting for the Syfy series Resident Alien and a scene in Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Revenant.

Colebrook Road and The Pillath House:

Colebrook Road
Ronald’s home in the series is filmed at Thomas Joseph Brown’s house, 13275 Surrey. This cross-gabled early 1900s homestead manor with a wraparound porch was featured in both Supernatural and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It is notable, however, because it served as the setting for “Home,” one of the best and darkest X-Files episodes. In the second episode of the first season, Ronald escapes. While posing as Arthur, a food delivery driver, he is dating Scarlett, a single mother. The Pillath House, located at 11113 148 Street in Surrey and built in 1898, is the lovely home of Scarlett’s sister, Mary, and the Big Sky Shooting scenes Locations.

Maple Ridge and The VanDusen Botanical Garden:

 VanDusen Botanical Garden
If you like Hallmark movies, you might recognize the house where Jerrie (Jesse James Keitel) stays with his friends in episode seven. It is next to the Pinestone Lake Lodge at 11567 Fir St in Maple Ridge. The VanDusen Botanical Garden visitor center on Vancouver’s West Side serves as the Church of Glory and Transcendence in the third episode. The first episode’s sequence with Cody Hoyt (Ryan Phillippe) was shot in the Hatzic Prairie Market, located at 10814 Farms Rd. in Fraser Valley. The Esso Gas Station is a truck stop on the outskirts of Hope. The city is located 154 kilometers (96 miles) east of Vancouver in the beautiful Fraser Valley.


Vancouver is a popular filming location, with shows such as “Psych,” “Supernatural,” “Arrow,” “Battlestar Galactica,” “Timeless,” “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” “Once Upon a Time,” and others shooting there at various times. The tax breaks for filming in Canada make it an appealing option for studios. Still, you also get the best of both worlds by filming in Vancouver, which has both a bustling city center that can stand in for many urban scenes and breathtaking Pacific Northwest landscapes that lend themselves beautifully to picturesque outdoor locations. The latter is at work in “Big Sky,” providing the show’s signature moody and misty look.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this show’s previously planned filming locations were changed. As a result, the shoot could not occur in those two locations. However, the producers discovered that different locations in Vancouver, British Columbia were a good substitute, putting the question of ‘where is Big Sky filmed’ to rest. Even though the coronavirus outbreak and spread did not last long in Canada, the production team of this show strictly followed the government’s filming guidelines to ensure the safety of all the cast and crew representatives of this show, as well as the area citizens of the town.