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Pixar has become one of Hollywood’s most appreciated animation studios since its debut feature picture, Toy Story, in 1995. From superhero escapades to stories about a lonely robot on a post-apocalyptic Earth, the studio’s 23 films too far have received praise for being artistically daring and offering reports ostensibly intended at children but with just as many adult admirers. Even Pixar’s less successful films typically have something to offer. Toy Story has become a cultural icon many years after the first film in the franchise was released in theatres. A feel-good movie with genuine humor and heartwarming moments propelled forward by a fantastic ensemble cast that includes everyone.

Lamp Life:

Lamp Life
“Lamp Life,” originally scheduled as a bonus feature for the Toy Story 4 home video release, gained further attention when it became a Disney+ exclusive. Unfortunately, the short itself is pretty unimpressive. “Lamp Life” was directed by Valerie LaPointe, a Toy Story 4 story artist involved in the development of the Bo character, so it’s clear why she wanted to produce a short film documenting the time between when Bo left the group and when she and Woody reconciled. But there aren’t many stories, and they’re not humorous or intriguing. There are some adorable moments, such as a montage of Bo’s habitats over the years, and it’s fantastic.

Partysaurus Rex:

Partysaurus Rex
The idea behind “Partysaurus Rex,” a short video like the 3D theatrical re-release of Finding Nemo, is straightforward: the other toys designate Rex as a buzzkill when he physically busts a gigantic bubble. Potato Head dubs him “Partypooper Rex,” and he rushes off to the bathtub with Bonnie, only to be coaxed by the other bathtub toys to turn the water back on and restart the party. As a result, Partypooper Rex transforms into Partysaurus Rex. The short, created and directed by longtime Pixar artist Mark Walsh, is humorous, and the way Rex transforms a suburban bathtub into a party is captivating, with some of Pixar’s most dramatic and bright lighting yet.

The Good Dinosaur:

The Good Dinosaur
Five years later, The Good Dinosaur may claim to be the gorgeous Pixar film. Its natural surroundings serve as a stunning background for the narrative of a talking dinosaur and a mute human toddler attempting to make their journey through the American West to the dinosaur’s home. The issue derives from the evidence that the tale is a mash-up of components from previous, better stories. Pixar created a reputation by basing outlandish situations that could only happen in animation (toys wake up, bugs have a secret society, monsters lurk in the closet, etc.) on old-fashioned, traditional Hollywood storytelling.

Forky asks a question:

Forky asks a question
Forky, the breakthrough hero of Toy Story 4, appeared in this series of shorts, which was released alongside the rest of Disney+ in November 2019. However, Forky Asks questions, designed to look like an instructional show from the 1980s, saw the character delve into the profound philosophical area along the way. The result was perhaps Pixar’s silliest and most meaningful short-form Toy Story content. Pixar icon Bob Peterson wrote and directed the parts, which brought together comedy giants Mel Brooks, and Betty White in a soap opera-worthy melodrama that paid respect to British grammar and even introduced a character removed from Toy Story 4. An indisputable highlight of the franchise, we’re hoping for further episodes.

Toy Story That Time Forgot:

Toy Story That Time Forgot
Toy Story That Time Forgot, Pixar’s second and, as of now, last Toy Story holiday special, is not your standard Christmas-themed half-hour. Bonnie, of course, takes her toys, including Trixie, who is bored of always being portrayed as a dinosaur when Bonnie plays. The gang encounters a bunch of dinosaur warrior action toys Mason received for Christmas, and things become extremely strange. John Lasseter liked the plan so much that he expanded it from a short film to a half-hour special. The universe of Toy Story That Time Forgot is entirely original, with allusions to Planet of the Apes and vintage Star Trek; the fighting dinosaurs have deep mythology well suited for a 1980s Minifigure line.

The year 2020 is significant for the Toy Story franchise. These films changed not just the realm of animation but also the way spectators watch and interact with computer-generated characters. So, in this spirit of introspection and loving recollection, we revisit the whole Toy Story universe. We will rate and discuss not just the four Toy Story feature pictures but also the spin-off animated pilot, shorts, and holiday specials. The Toy Story universe is vast, and we’re honoring it all. Toy Story may be blamed for each choking moment you’ve had while seeing a Pixar film or any computer-animated achievement in the last 25 years.