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Blade: The Series is a superhero television series that aired in the United States from June to September 2006. It followed the events of Blade: Trinity and was based on the Marvel Comics character and film franchise. On June 28, 2006, Spike debuted the program. Kirk “Sticky Fingaz” Jones played the main character, while Jill Wagner played Krista Starr, Neil Jackson played Marcus van Sciver, Jessica Gower played Chase, and Nelson Lee played Shen. Peter O’Fallon directed the two-hour pilot from a script by David S. Goyer and Geoff Johns. The series got mixed reviews, with critics enjoying the action scenes but criticizing the series’ reliance on tropes and the lack of Wesley Snipes in the titular character.

The plot of Blade the Series:

plot of Blade the Series

Marcus is a strong vampire and a member of the House of Chthon. Marcus, who is in love with her, intends to transform her by injecting her with his blood. Krista is then approached by Blade, who injects her with the same serum he uses to suppress his inclinations and allows her to help him avenge her on her sibling’s death and bring down Marcus and the House of Chthon as well as expose that Zack was planning a sting operation. The rest of the first season chronicles Krista’s struggles to keep her cover at the House of Chthon while dealing with her developing predatory nature and Marcus’s efforts to discover a “vaccine” that will leave vampires immune to all of their typical flaws.

About the release of Blade the Series:

 release date  of Blade the Series
Rapper Kirk “Sticky” Jones signed on to play Blade in November 2005, succeeding Wesley Snipes, who played the film’s character. Sticky said he wasn’t attempting to make people forget about the Blade flicks but rather to give the character his spin: “I think it’s more my way, but I have to combine parts of what done.” In addition to the two-hour pilot episode, Spike TV has purchased 11 one-hour episodes from New Line Television. The plot was shot in 2005, and production on the series began in the spring of 2006 in Vancouver. The show premiered on June 28, 2006, with regular one-hour episodes following July 5.

The cast of Blade the Series:

cast of Blade the Series
Kirk “Sticky” Jones plays Eric Brooks / Blade. Eric Brooks as a young man, played by Jon Kent Ethridge. Jill Wagner plays Krista Starr. Nelson Lee plays Shen. Jessica Gower plays chase. Neil Jackson plays Marcus Van Sciver. In the first season, Krista Starr returned from military service in Iraq to discover that her twin brother, Zack, had died under strange circumstances. Her inquiry finds that Zack was a “familiar,” a type of indentured servant of vampires who accepts to do their bidding, hoping that his “master” will one day reward him with eternal life. Krista’s quest for her brother’s killer leads her to Blade and Zack’s killer, Marcus Van Sciver. David S. Goyer, who co-created the television series and authored the screenplays for all three films, stated that the open-ended nature of a TV series encouraged the type of narrative that will allow audiences to dive deeper into the internal dynamics of the vampire’s realm.

What happened in Blade the Series Episode 13?

Blade the Series Episode 13
Marcus sets his trap for the Cthon purebloods, but they are one step ahead of him. Fortunately, Blade is one step ahead of everyone, near enough to release the vampire virus and face Marcus in a one-on-one battle. Oh, how close. BLADE ends on a high one, with a narrative that pulls together nicely and includes some serious action. The problem is, if Blade intended Marcus to kill purebloods and advance in the vampire hierarchy, he should have just let his plot work in the first place. Furthermore, the fact that both Chase and Marcus survive the events undermines the conclusion. Because baddies can be replaced, some of them can be effectively eliminated.

Rating and responses recorded for Blade the Series Episode 13:

Rating and responses recorded for Blade
The series debut drew 2.5 million people, making it Spike TV’s most-watched original series launch in history. It was also the most popular show on nighttime cable television for guys. This happened in a year when most cable premieres were excellent, and the series struggled to maintain its ratings. “When gunplay, kickboxing, and throat-slitting seem like pauses in the action, you’ve got a series with intellect as well as teeth,” said Gillian Flynn of Entertainment Weekly. “Like most genre programs, it stumbles a lot in building up the universe and characters, but stay with it: after a few weeks, it reaches its stride and is a fine antidote to the fairly soppy bloodsuckers of True Blood and Twilight,” they said.

Following considerable speculation, it has been confirmed that the original Blade TV series has been canceled, leaving fans on a cliffhanger. A Spike TV spokesman announced that the Kirk ‘Sticky Fingaz’ Jones action series has been terminated and will not be renewed for the next season. According to reports, the network was pleased with the cast and overall production, but the viewership and ratings were not as high as they had planned. The show began with 2.0 million viewers but had decreased to fewer than a million by the conclusion on September 13, 2006. Though there weren’t enough fans to satisfy Spike TV, New Line still believes in the program and wants it to endure.