Wonder Egg Priority: Are the fans getting any more episodes?

Wonder Egg Priority is a tragic and sad anime with a very great story but has a sad setting to it.  In an arcade dream world, four girls whose lives have been affected by suicide must portray extraordinary abilities. These abilities stem from their desire to shield other young people thinking about committing suicide from their internal issues. If they can save enough, their friends will return to life, but they begin to find solace and a route ahead in life, in each other, before that can happen. For those who haven’t seen K-on, it’s basically Persona mixed with magical girls.

Cloverworks excels in the early stages of anime production, although their dismounts may need improvement. The plot is one of the less impressive aspects of this film. Shin Wakabayashi, Art Director Yuuki Funao, Character Designer/Animation Director Saki Takahashi, Compositing Director Takeo Ogiwara, and Color Designer Kazuko Nakuko Nakashima produced a genuinely creative feat by emulating the style of directing great Naoko Yamada. Emotional self-contained episodes and season-long character development may be built on this foundation.

In this article, we will be discussing how many episodes will there be in wonder egg priority. So, let’s dive straight into it.

Wonder Egg Priority plot explained.

Wonder Egg Priority plot

CloverWorks Studios’ ‘Wonder Egg Priority’ is a unique horror-fantasy T.V. anime that uses metaphors and creativity to address psychological issues. Ai Ooto, a 14-year-old girl, finds and hatches a Wonder Egg throughout the story.

She discovers that she can bring back her friend Koito Nagase, who committed suicide due to intense bullying, provided she can protect the persons that hatch from the eggs from Wonder Killers and Seeno Evils. She is introduced to the Egg People’s reincarnation efforts by Neiru Aonuma, Rika Kawai, and Momoe Sawaki.

Despite an exhausting and rushed production schedule, the episode was exactly what the animators had envisioned. They marketed it to fault for a large portion of the problem. So, if you are wondering how many episodes will there be in wonder egg priority.

This time, the anime creators tried to make it seem like a two-hour extravaganza to compensate for the lengthy wait. To begin with, there were clips of the previous 25 minutes of the film’s 45-minute running length.

How many episodes will there be in Wonder Egg Priority?

Wonder Egg Priority episodes

This original anime series aired from January 13, 2021, to March 31, 2021, as we have stated. The last episode of the original broadcast aired on June 30, 2021, as a special, whereas the initial broadcast included 12 episodes. After the events of the main anime, this occurred three months later.

While the anime is done, what you care about the most is if the show will return. Having an original series like Wonder Egg Priority is exciting while posing specific issues. Although it’s nice that the author isn’t under any pressure, knowing that he doesn’t have to do anything makes it more obvious that since he hasn’t got to do anything he won’t achieve anything.

As of this writing, there has been no official announcement on the show’s future so we don’t exactly know how many episodes will there be in wonder egg priority. Nojima may have come up with some further storylines, but he walked away from the project, and Wonder Egg Priority seems to be finished.

More about the Story of Wonder Egg Priority

Wonder Egg Priority recap

In the first season of ‘Wonder Egg Priority,’ which aired from January 13 to March 31, 2021, there were 12 episodes. Aniplex collaborated with Nippon Television and D.N. Dream Partners to produce the series. Shinji Nojima wrote the script for the anime, which was directed by Shin Wakabayashi. Season 2 of “wonder Egg Priority” has not been released. On June 30, 2021, Nippon Television broadcast a one-off episode of the anime.

After the season one finale, this episode ties up all the loose ends. It was the end of the narrative. In the first season, Ai is astonished when a Wonder Egg reveals another version of the universe. Ai finds that the other Ai’s Wonder Killer is a distorted version of her beloved mentor, Shuuichirou Sawaki, while she is striving to safeguard the A.U.

Then there’s the A.U. Ai seems to have died as a consequence of Ai’s sacrifice. It is Ai’s goal to have a stronger relationship with mum. After completing her ambitions, Rika thinks she must continue battling for her dreams. On the other hand, the Wonder Eggs collection has made Momoe deeply regret her actions.

The special episode is anticipated to provide some conclusion for each main character. Sawaki may become the series’ most feared villain. The second season of this program seems unlikely since the special episode is basically the series’ conclusion.