Who killed Nobara kugisaki: Is she really dead?

The main character in the manga and anime series jujutsu kaisen is Nobara Kugisaki. Nobara became famous among manga fans in the early stages of her character’s growth. After being brutally injured by Mahito in Chapter 125, many fans were shocked to learn that she could be dead. The present stage of Nobara Kugisaki in the Shibuya incident arc will be covered on this page. Is she still alive or not?

Nobara is an influential person with a reserved attitude. Nobara keeps her word to herself and focuses on her self-promises. It’s not easy for someone to take advantage of her since she’s blessed with beauty, a good personality, and an engaging attitude.

How did Nobara almost die?

How did Nobara  die

Nobara recognizes Kento’s might after defeating Haruta. Then, Kento informs Nobara and Akari that Kiyotaka is still breathing and that Satoru has been sealed. Nobara says she wants to go with him when he says he would assist Naobito and Maki rescue Satoru. But Kento cautions him that she would be a hassle. The two are then instructed to wait till he departs in the area. Then Nobara comes upon a Mahito replica., and the two get ready for combat. Mahito deflects a barrage of nails that Nobara launches at him after remembering Mahito’s skills. With the aid of a fallen pin, Nobara fastens the Hairpin to the flail. Nobara’s Resonance, which Mahito conjures in a fit of wrath, assaults his soul directly and does serious harm. Mahito’s clone and the actual body are covered with nails, so Yuji attacks Mahito’s vulnerability with a barrage of blows. While Mahito rests, Nobara pursues him. Mahitos collide, and the original Mahitos touches Nobara’s face. Yuji runs outside to check on Nobara after ramming the second Mahito into the wall. The rest of Nobara’s life flashes as he recalls his early years spent in the country with Saori and Fumi. Then she enters a space with empty seats for the people in her life.

As she turns, she notices that everyone in her chair is laughing, including Megumi, Yuji, Satoru, Panda, Toge, and Maki. She then sees Fumi’s dismay and remembers promising him that she, Fumi, and Saori will get back together. She then apologizes for not keeping her word to Fumi. She glances toward Yuji before returning to the present. She grins and wishes he would tell everyone that it wasn’t that bad. Nobara’s left half of his face is altered by Mahito, who smashes it and removes his left eye. As he collapses, Yuji is completely worn out. Arata Nitta later tells the Tokyo student that he cast his spell on Nobara and that despite her recent injuries, she still has a chance of surviving while helping Yuji and Aoi battle Mahito. He does caution Yuji not to overestimate the likelihood of his comrade’s survival. After the Shibuya Incident arc, Yuji asks Nobara how she is doing, but Nobara remains silent, keeping her condition unclear.

Who killed Nobara?

Who killed Nobara?

To clear out, it is not yet been shown that Nobara has died from Mahitos attack, but The truth is that Nobara’s chances of survival should be taken into the conversation as they are not very significant in percentage terms. She can manage and preserve herself, thanks to, as was previously said, she has exceptional ability. By utilizing her powers and considering her health, she suffered minor damage. She seemed capable of surviving. We can only hope Nobara stays and does not disappoint us. Although Akutami has a peculiar writing style, we don’t think the manga’s main character will be murdered. Nobara is anticipated to continue to grow as an emerging figure due to her strong personality and large fan base… Although a character’s death in a manga story is unexpected, It might also signify other things. Although Nobara hasn’t gone away yet, it’s realistic to assume that eventually—just it’s not apparent when—she’ll make a comeback. Even if Nobara’s chances of survival are small, it is more likely that she will survive than not.

An intriguing Nobara idea via Reddit

An intriguing Nobara idea via Reddit
He was likely responsible for Nobara’s injury. She even identified the weakness in Mahito’s doppelganger, since she was aware of the workings of Mahito’s cursed technique. So, even though Yuuji gave her the warning a bit late and she was already suffering from Idle Transfiguration, she had to act quickly to prevent it from spreading to other body parts.

The paneling in this space may be a touch confusing due to its several wide empty spaces that seem to be concealing what Nobara is holding in her hand. She has a tremendous capacity for bearing pain. As seen by her struggle with Kechizu and Eso. She made that risky decision in an instant of clarity, one that may even have killed her. Because Todo amputated his hand to stop Idle Transfiguration from spreading, it is also not an original thought.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Nobara employs blessed energy that is good. We have noticed that Shoko heals individuals with good curse energy. As a result, we may assume that Nobara may also discover her buried ability to repair her eye using cursed power. Simply put, we don’t believe Nobara is deceased. But she could return with a hideous scar on her face, perhaps even without an eye.