Where was chapelwaite filmed?

The horror drama series ‘Chapelwaite’ is inspired by Stephen King’s short tale ‘Jerusalem’s Lot.’ After the untimely death of his wife, Captain Charles Boone relocates his family to his ancestral home in Preacher’s Corners, Maine. The family is thrust into horrific scenarios and discovers horrible truths about their house. The period drama series takes place in the 1850s and showcases breathtakingly gorgeous and time-appropriate settings. If you’re wondering where the series is shot, let us take you on a tour of Chapelwaite’s filming sites. Filming was planned to start in April 2020. However, it was pushed back owing to fears about the Covid-19 epidemic.

Halifax, Nova Scotia:

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax Regional Municipality, also known as Halifax, is the capital of Nova Scotia and the series’ central filming location. For the program’s first season, the actors and crew shot sequences on-site and sets created in various areas of Halifax. It is centered on Halifax Harbour, and several scenes were shot on the port and its shoreline. The city is a critical commercial and educational center in Canada. Agriculture, fishing, mining, forestry, and tourism are the region’s primary businesses. Popular movies like ‘Titanic’ and ‘The Lighthouse’ were shot in Halifax. It is a fantastic location and will be in excellent cinematography.

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia:

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Dartmouth is a town in HRM located on the eastern edge of Halifax Harbour. Some episodes of the show were shot at the Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum, located at 471 Poplar Drive in Dartmouth. The museum depicts Dartmouth’s rich agricultural past. The museum showcases one of the region’s rich agricultural traditions. Dartmouth is a hamlet in HRM located on the eastern shore of Halifax Harbour. Some of the episodes were shot at the Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum. Dartmouth and its surroundings appear in some episodes. These are fantastic locations where the series covers its surroundings very well.

Newport Landing, Nova Scotia:

Newport Landing, Nova Scotia
The Boone family’s ancestral house appears several times during the series. The external site for the Boone family mansion is Mounce Mansion, located at 98 Avondale Road in West Hants. The home is said to be haunted, according to local tales. The cast and crew did have some scary moments while filming at home, according to actress Emily Hampshire. Some sequences will undoubtedly be shot at the Avon River Heritage Society Museum and Avon Spirit Shipyard, located at 17 Belmont Road. The ancestral home of the Boone family frequently appears in the series. According to local folklore, the house is haunted.

Other exciting locations where Chapelwaite was filmed:

Other exciting locations where Chapelwaite was filmed
Some sequences from the first season were shot in Avonport Beach in King’s County. Duncan’s Cove, a little rural village 19 kilometers from HRM, is also a filming site for the program. Nova Scotia has a lovely blend of urban and ancient areas, making it an ideal filming location for a period-based series. The show is set in Preacher’s Corners, a fictitious village in Maine, although it is shot in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. We took a deeper look at the show’s filming locations. These are the exciting locations filmed in the chapelwaite series which everyone will like.

Short story description of Chapelwaite series:

Short story description of Chapelwaite series
The series’ concept centers upon Captain Charles Boone and his children’s return to Preacher’s Corners following his wife’s terrible death at sea, where a nasty family past pursues them until confronted. Both programs were about little villages plagued by vampires, but Chapelwaite, a starker historical drama, struggled to draw viewers more than Midnight Mass, a far more modern show. Chapelwaite, starring Adrien Brody as bereaved widower Charles Boone after his wife’s death, followed Charles’ journey to the little Maine village of Preacher’s Corners. Because this is a Stephen King adaptation, the town isn’t as quiet and benign as it looks, and Charles and his three children find themselves in danger.

Set in the 1850s, the medieval drama series offers some breathtakingly beautiful and period-appropriate locales. Chapelwaite, the new ten-part horror series, and Stephen King dramatization have here, and we couldn’t be happier. The recent scandal is expected to reveal the family’s sorrowful background and hidden secrets by tracing the Boone family’s journey to their origin in Preacher’s Corner. If you’re curious about where the series was shot, we took you on a tour of the ‘Chapelwaite Filming Locations.’ Chapelwaite premiered in late August 2021, a month before Netflix’s critically acclaimed Midnight Mass, but Chapelwaite’s ending was just as stunning and was loved by the fans.