Where is Righteous Gemstones Filmed? and all Updates

Your prayers have been heard, fans of The Righteous Gemstones! More than two years after the HBO Max dramedy’s Season 1 finale aired in October 2019, the scripted series is slated to return for Season 2. The dark comedy revolves around the titular televangelist family, the Gemstones, and their outlandish personalities and lifestyles. With the second season set to premiere in January 2022, it’s safe to assume the megachurch family is in for a mega-drama. “This stuff has been such a delight to write, and it kept me sane throughout quarantine,” McBride said in October 2021 to Entertainment Weekly. Can we discuss where Righteous Gemstones are filmed?

Righteous Gemstones filming locations
Charleston, Carolina:

Charleston, Carolina
The series is shot in and around South Carolina, with the production headquarters in Charleston, a historic port city founded in 1670. A memorable scene from the first season was shot at the Early Bird Diner, an all-day eatery located at 1644 Savannah Highway in Charleston’s West Ashley suburbs. A Gemstone loses his cool over a supermarket cart in another funny moment from the first season. A few sequences were shot at Island Breeze, a seafood restaurant that has reportedly closed forever. Charleston’s scenery is distinguished by pastel-colored houses, cobblestone roads, and horse-drawn buggies, and the city’s peculiar old-world charm draws many tourists.

North Charleston, South Carolina:

North Charleston, South Carolina
Several areas of North Charleston were extensively filmed. The program uses the Aviation Square Shopping Center at 6185 Rivers Avenue in North Charleston as a prominent filming location. The North Charleston Arts Center, a 14000-seat event arena located at 5001 Coliseum Drive in North Charleston, is another important venue in the series. The stadium serves as a stand-in for the Salvation Center. In the first season, a baptism goes awry at the Whirlin’ Waters Adventure Waterpark, an amusement park located within Wannamaker County Park at 8888 University Boulevard in North Charleston. This is an exciting location for the Righteous Gemstones movie.

Mount Pleasant, Carolina:

Mount Pleasant, Carolina
A chunk of the episode was shot at Mount Pleasant, South Carolina’s biggest town, which is located in Charleston County. The first season’s scenes were shot in the Liberty Tap Room, a former steakhouse located at 1028 Johnnie Dodds Boulevard. The property, formerly a lively food establishment, has been renovated into an event space. Furthermore, filming took place at Charleston KOA Campground, a camping establishment located at North Highway North, and Trampoline Park, an amusement center located at 411 Wando Park Boulevard in Mount Pleasant’s suburban municipality. It is an excellent location in the movie of Righteous Gemstones movie.

Some of the unique places in South Carolina:

Unique places
Several sequences from the series were shot in various locations in South Carolina. Berkeley Country Club, 772 Exeter Plantation Road, Moncks Corner, was used for filming. The Woodlands Inn, located at 125 Parsons Road in Summerville, is another critical venue utilized in the program. It functions as the Nancy family’s home. The production team went further afield in the second season, filming sequences in the city of Beaufort on Port Royal Island. Rock Park in Pickens and the Blackwell True Value near Hanahan are two more South Carolina production locations. Many unique places are covered in the shooting of Righteous Gemstones.

When can we expect the release of Righteous Gemstones?

release of Righteous Gemstones
Season 2 of The Righteous Gemstones will premiere on HBO on Sunday, January 9, 2022, at 10:00 p.m. Then, on the following Sundays, four half-hour programs will run simultaneously. The second season, like Season 1, will include nine episodes and will be available to watch on HBO Max. A nosy investigative reporter, more extortion, and possibly an assassination attempt on Jesse appear to be new plotlines. Despite the sad themes, the teaser features some of the series’ trademark ridiculousness, such as the Gemstones struggling to close the doors of one of their numerous Teslas. Thus we can stay tuned to enjoy the Righteous Gemstones movie.
The pastors are living the good life as the novel progresses, owing to gifts given to the church as they strive to expand the church via different initiatives. When they do so, other small churches in the area, such as Rev. John Wesley Seasons, go out of business. The plot of the black comedy play takes place in the extravagant mansion of the Gemstones and their opulent enterprises. Simultaneously, the new Gemstone Prayer Center in Locust Grove plays an essential role in the unfolding story. So, we transport you there if you’re looking for the Righteous Gemstones filming locations where the series is shot.