Where is flatch filmed? Its amazing locations

Many translations of the British television show, have made waves in the US all the years, ranging from The Office to Ghosts. The most recent series to follow in these footsteps is Welcome to Flatch. The sitcom is based on the BAFTA-winning British show This Country and is set in the fictitious town of Flatch. We may discuss where Flatch was filmed. Before deciding on ‘Welcome to Flatch,’ the show mirrored its British counterpart’s title. The Fox production was shot in North Carolina and other spectacular locations.

North Carolina’s New Hanover County:

North Carolina's New Hanover County

The episode is mostly shot in Wilmington, North Carolina, a city in Hanover County. Multiple plots of the series of comedies were shot at Double Happiness, a well-known Chinese restaurant on Wrightsville Avenue. Pender Avenue, Plaza Drive, and Kelly Road are used in the filming of ‘Welcome to Flatch.’ The camera team for the mockumentary series spends a lot of time in New Hanover County, which was founded in 1729. Several more projects have been shot in the county over the years, including ‘Sleeping with the Enemy,’ the series trick or Treat, movie, and ‘The Marc Pease Experience.’

North Carolina’s Pender County:

North Carolina's Pender County
Burgaw, in Pender County, is the alternative for several pivotal scenes in ‘Welcome to Flatch.’ Burgaw Parks and Recreation Director Cody Suggs stated that production for the program began in November 2020 and would end in February 2021. Burgaw’s filming sites include Bishop Rayford Hankins Memorial Park on North Walker Street, W. Ross Harrell Memorial Park on 108 East Ashe Street, and Olde Carolina Eatery on 113 West Fremont Street. Macedonia AME Church and Burgaw United Methodist Church Aside from Burgaw, several other locations in Pender County are often used for shooting.

North Carolina’s Duplin County:

North Carolina's Duplin County
Wallace, North Carolina is the location for several episode portions. Surprisingly, Pender County has a little fraction of Wallace. Several Duplin County locales are used as alternatives for the mockumentary series by the production team. The team persisted, though, and used material from a single day to create a 10-minute presentation for Fox, resulting in a 13-episode order for the program. Olivia Dawson, the mayor of Burgaw, told the magazine that her actual office appears in the program as the office of the town’s newspaper reporter, Cheryl.

Winnabow, North Carolina:

Winnabow, North Carolina
Winnabow, located in Brunswick County, North Carolina, is a little rural community that serves as the best location for the show’s fictional Ohioan small town. Brunswick Nature Park, Brunswick Town State Historic Site, Orton Plantation Gardens, Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church, and Lighthouse Pentecostal Church are all nearby nice tourist sites. This lovely village was used to film sequences from ‘One Tree Hill’ and ‘Dawson’s Creek.’ The Macedonia A.M.E. Church on Walker Street, according to the magazine, acts as the façade for the Flatch Unitarian Church, where Father Joe is a minister.

Other interesting locations:

Other interesting locations
Downtown Wilmington and rival Pockton, which is like Shelbyville to Flatch’s Springfield, were also shooted. A scene was taken shoot in Wilmington, at Double Happiness on Wrightsville Avenue, and in Duplin County’s downtown Wallace. For the performance, the name on the town clock was changed from “Wallace” to “Flatch.” However, most of the action takes place in Burgaw’s streets and buildings. Shrub and Kelly are always spotted driving through Pender County backroads, walking through downtown Burgaw, or plotting at one of the city’s parks. Olivia Dawson is the mayor of Burgaw and the tour director for Pender County.

If you’re looking for a big list of filming locations, you’ve come to the wrong place, because Welcome to Flatch was shot entirely in North Carolina. Because of COVID, the show, like many others, was forced to suspend production. According to The Cinemaholic, filming occurred in a variety of locales, with the majority of Welcome to Flatch taking place in Wilmington, a port city in New Hanover County. “Flatch” has a humorous, off-the-wall wit, an obvious affection for its characters, and even a few melancholy moments, like Kelly’s efforts to win over her foolish loser of a father, who always loves her.