What do we know about Bad Bunny and Rosalia, and Are the Rumors true?

They started dating rumors earlier this year with the release of the song “La Noche de Anoche” by Latin music artists Rosala and Bad Bunny. Tales of a relationship between the two have been rife since then, with many believing they are.
When Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny officially announced his collaboration with artist Rosalia on Instagram, he hinted at more than one thing.

Bad Bunny and Rosalia performed on Saturday Night Live on February 20th, and it was a smash hit. Their intense chemistry is still being discussed two days later, and many believe something is developing between them. When Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper appeared together in A Star Is Born, they fuelled dating rumors. In this article, we will be answering the much-discussed question – Are Bad Bunny and Rosalia dating?

Are Bad Bunny and Rosalia dating?

Bad Bunny and Rosalia dating

It’s a shame that these two mega-stars aren’t dating. Bad Bunny clarified that he was engaged to another lady by delicately hinting at it to quash the rumors. When Bad Bunny claimed to be in love with Gabriel Berlingeri, it was really the model who had been dating him. He said that he and his family had supper together, and that’s how he met her. Their anniversary has not been confirmed, although they became Instagram friends last year. They allegedly began dating in the same month he ended his five-year relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

Rosalia, who sang alongside Bad Bunny during her appearance on SNL, wowed the audience. Because the gifted singer prefers to keep her personal life secret, not much is known about her present love life. So, if you guys are wondering Are Bad Bunny and Rosalia Dating, then this article should give you a clear answer. It’s reasonable to presume that she is unattached since there have been no rumours about her up to this point.

In her most recent public relationship, she was linked to the Spanish rapper C. Tangana for about two years until they broke up in 2017. Having appeared with Bad Bunny only ensured that Rosalia would reach the top of the music industry ladder. Her nomination for Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards is a first for a Spanish vocalist.

Why are people asking – “Are Bad Bunny and Rosalia Dating?”

rumors on Bad Bunny and Rosalia chemistry on screen

Bad Bunny and Rosala were the first to stir relationship speculations in 2019 when they posted cute images of them smiling together on Instagram. One of the photos was captioned by Bad Bunny with the phrase “Creo que me enamoré,” which translates to “I believe I fell in love.” in English.

However, rumours about their relationship ultimately faded, even if many were initially persuaded. If you are wondering – Are Bad Bunny and Rosalia dating or not then we regret to inform you that they are not. However, owing to their most recent cooperation, they have lately regained their popularity. For “La Noche de Anoche,” Rosala and Bad Bunny produced a music video in February 2021. The video depicts the strong connection between two lovers who cannot be together, and it’s rather hot.

SNL’s version of the song was much hotter than the video, which was beautiful. Fans were sent into a frenzy as they seemed to be kissing and singing the sensual reggaeton ballad while holding each other close to their hearts.

What more do we know about the Chemistry between Bad Bunny and Rosalia?

Bad Bunny and Rosalia relationship

Rosala and Bad Bunny seem to be dating on the surface, but they have no romantic relationship.

There are rumors that Bad Bunny and his long-term girlfriend, Gabriela Berlingheri (whom he first met in 2017), are still together. “It was after a Zion and Lennox performance in Puerto Rico. The “Callaita” rapper told Rolling Stone in May 2020 that he met her in a restaurant while eating with his mom and brothers. “From that point on, we continued to visit one other and communicate with each other regularly.” In August 2020, Berlingheri shared a video of herself dancing in a vehicle while wearing a diamond ring on her hand, which garnered widespread media attention. Rumors about the couple’s engagement or covert marriage quickly spread.

When Bad Bunny appeared on Entertainment Tonight a few months later, he dispelled these allegations. When questioned are Bad Bunny and Rosalia dating, he said they weren’t married but wouldn’t say for sure. Rosala isn’t very interested in dating, preferring to concentrate on her singing work instead.