Tokyo Revengers Mike: Why is he so strong?

Mikey, also known as Manjiro Sano, is the series’ tritagonist and, as of chapter 253, the series’ most robust character. When Mikey was the 1st generation President of the Tokyo Manji Gang in middle school, he was known as “Invincible Mikey.” In combat, he was unbeaten and still undefeated in the current arc. However, as witnessed in the Three Deities Arc, his inhibitions have decreased, and he has become much more vicious.

Tokyo Revengers is chock-full of physically imposing characters. Even someone who isn’t very powerful, like Takemichi, has several redeeming traits and may still surprise an opponent in combat. Mikey is tremendously adored and feared among a swarm of such deadly combatants. There are several causes behind this.

Physical Capacity of Mike

Physical Capacity of Mike


Mikey has had a knack for Martial Arts since he was a child Mikey has had a flair for martial arts since he was a child. Mikey’s physical power stems from formal training and physical dominance. Mikey has been training Martial Arts at his grandfather’s Dojo since he was a toddler. Both Baji and his grandpa have praised him as a natural talent. As a result of his training, his innate endurance and reflexes were refined to even finer points.

Mikey’s height is below average, which some may consider a disadvantage. Mikey is noted for his speed and agility, and his diminutive height helps him achieve both. His body has developed core strength and balance due to his formal training, which is shown in his superhuman leg strength. Mikey has also improved his flexibility, allowing him to use his kicks to reach higher opponents. Mikey prefers kicks to punches, and his defining technique is a lightning-fast roundhouse kick to his opponent’s temple. Mikey likes to put his weight behind the lift, which is aided by his momentum, and this often knocks the opponent out by smashing them to the ground. On the other hand, Mikey is a skilled puncher, and his little weight enables him to leap to incredible heights.

Mental fortitude of  Mike

Mental Fortitude of Mike

Mikey is not only physically powerful, but he is also psychologically strong in the first few chapters. When readers first encounter adolescent Mikey, he has taught himself to be a pillar for everyone else and not to show people what he views as a weakness. Of course, there were a few exceptions: Draken and Takemichi, for example.

However, as the series unfolds, it becomes evident that his mental strength, and to some degree his sanity, is unstable since it is reliant on the existence of others. His boyhood companion Baji, his late brother Shinichiro, his younger sister Emma, his second-in-command Draken, and his junior Takemichi were among these individuals.

Why is Mikey feared?

Why is Mikey feared?

Mikey has a dark side, a proclivity for giving in to his more aggressive impulses. As he got older, this turned into a desire to shut down whenever he became furious. After Baji’s death, this was first adequately demonstrated in Tokyo Revengers and underscored by Draken’s admission that reaching Mikey in this condition is practically impossible.

In Tokyo Revengers, Mikey’s inherent depravity is revealed. In Tokyo Revengers, Mikey’s innate depravity is revealed. Mikey’s terror instills in others changes as a result of this. Mikey was loved and feared when Takemichi first met him at Tokyo Revengers because of his physical strength and leadership abilities. Mikey grows more vicious as the series develops. This leads to the Kantou Manji arc, in which people fear not just his might but also his unpredictable nature and lack of compassion.

Finally, some ideas about Mike

about Mike

In Tokyo Revengers, Manjiro Sano is, without a doubt, the most powerful character. He is also the most feared and, consequently, one of the most lonely characters in the series. Mikey’s power once allowed him to dream of a new age of delinquents, and his strength also caused others to believe in this idea.