TikTok Star and Musician: Keemokazi net worth, lifestyle and more

Kareem Hesri was born on November 29, 2002, in New York City, New York. “Keemokazi” is the stage name he goes by in the music industry. His YouTube videos have made him a household name as a rapper, singer, and social media star in the Syrian-American community.

He is also noted for his charisma and charismatic demeanor with a beautiful face and an infectious grin. His Instagram images and videos have gotten a lot of attention from visitors. The size of his fan base is well-known. He’s one of the most well-liked TikTok stars. In the Tiktok community, he has almost 20.89 million followers. While just 40 people are following him. He has posted about 974 videos on his TikTok account. His videos have been well-received by the public as well. Nearly 883,01 million people have liked all of his videos.

He is now ranked 108th in TikTok’s user rankings based only on the number of followers he has. According to Likes, he is at the bottom of the list of the top 200. He was the 23rd most prolific uploader, with 146 uploads. Because of his vast fan base, he became a household name. Consequently, he will soon be gracing the covers of high-end fashion magazines. All these ventures helped increase Keemokazi net worth.

He is most well-known on TikTok for his comedic and dance videos and lip-synching performances (Musical.ly). He’s also a talented dancer and stand-up comedian. He has almost 3 million Instagram followers. He posts many images of his clothing and modeling work on Instagram. He was awarded the coveted TikTok comic badge. Also, he’s been called a “muser.”

What do we know about Keemokazi net worth

keemokazi worth and career

Keemokazi will have a million-dollar fortune by the year 2022. His acting and singing careers, as well as his social media brand collaborations, have contributed to his future. Using the TikTok app, he became an internet sensation by submitting humorous videos. As an actor and musician, he has made several catchy tunes that can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

In addition, he has Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook accounts where he posts images and videos of his trendy clothing, modeling sessions, and day-to-day activities to communicate with his followers. Wazgoodkareem is the name of his Snapchat account. According to some estimates, Keemokazi’s YouTube channel brings in anything from $8,7K to $138.4K in annual income. That is precisely how Keemokazi net worth increased.

Kareem’s Lifestyle and what helped increase Keemokazi net worth

Kareem's Lifestyle

His family was supportive, despite his dreams of being a performer. It dawned on them, though, just how tough it is to get into the business. Hesri’s father gave him a set of reasonable and attainable goals.

By the conclusion of high school, a strong start in the entertainment industry was a must. Other options would be out of the question. Rather than working in an office, Hesri decided to devote his time and energy to his interests.

His mother’s TikTok adventure started with a video she shared. In the video, Keemokazi can be seen playing a joke on his mother. The video gained 10 million views in a single day. He attracted a large following over time. Once the videos became viral, he started to share more of them. If you wondering what Keemokazi Net worth is, then you are lucky as we have discussed it in this article.

He is a resident of the Golden State. This young man’s Syrian parents are his guardians. His family consists of five sisters, including his two mother’s and two fathers. His five sisters are Sara, Sima, Saby, Sophie, and Serene.

The Early Life of Keemokazi

early life of Keemokazi

When Henri was born on November 29, 2002, he was born in California, USA. In a household of six, he is the lone boy. His family has six sisters: Sima, Sara; Saby; Serene; and Sophie. This family has two members: Their father is a successful businessman, and their mother is a well-known social media star.

Kareem is a Muslim who is of Arab ancestry. However, due to his upbringing in the United States, Kareem has said he is not proficient in Arabic. The young guy attended a local private school and a local high school for his early schooling. According to reports, he has no intention of attending college.

Keemokazi got his start in the acting business. Earlier launching an online career, many of his admirers were unaware that he had participated in two episodes of the television show The Last Ship before.

After one of his pranks went viral, he realized that he should focus on creating more of the same stunts. He explored numerous other content ideas at first. This strategy paid well, and he currently has 26.4 million TikTok fans.

Keemokazi does not have a significant other. This guy hasn’t been seeing anybody recently. Also, he has never been linked romantically in the past. When he isn’t working, he spends time with his family. At the age of 18, Keemokazi purchased his first home.